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  1. KI said they were retiring Vortex or that Vortex was leaving they did not say it was coming down or use the word removing. It could be possible that as with Mantis it could be renamed with new Floorless trains and be back in use next year. Cp had a big tearful goodby for Mantis with everyone wondering what would replace it but it's track still stands today as a great new ride. Could everyone be jumping the gun on Vortex removal? Again they said retire not remove.
  2. There has been a forklift running around the parts piles for the last couple of hours. Looks like he was putting thing by the crains, looked like crates or boxes no supports. I believe they are preparing for ether station or lift on monday. There has also a group looking around the parts yard at track the last 20 minutes.
  3. FYI. Sorry this is off topic but SCIHD Building Giants has Yukon Striker going up. Thought some of you might be interested.
  4. Looks like it was just power washed earlier, it's so clean. If it was filling I would think that the fake stream would have a wet spot on the concrete from water running into the pond.
  5. You all used to complain about Kinzel's nickels, but now you are all happy to pay for Ouimet's money grabs. I know it is a business but the hands in every pocket we have has become outrageous IMO.
  6. You have your opinion I have mine, it's the internet.
  7. Have never seen any reference to Wooden Coaster Capital ever until this article. As for Cp being the Coaster Capital they have used that forever because they once had the most coasters of any park in the world for many years, until 6 Flags put themselves in bankruptcy trying to compete with Cedar Point's coaster count. I think this article was written/bought and paid for by 6Flags.
  8. They haven't announced anything yet, so it could be nothing more than RMC is coming. But I like where you are going with the Stampede idea, but it could be anything.
  9. Could that be a live vine/ivy that was placed in the center so that it will overtake the sign as the years progress. It looks realistic as well as planted and there are others along the other posts.
  10. Could that difference be to clear the train that will cross under the shed/station.
  11. I don't get it, is everyone going to line up across the street every morning to get in the park. Looks like many accidents waiting to happen. When we get up at the hotel and head in that gate the line would sometimes be backed up to the Soak City parking lot, and now there is a street between the sidewalk and the entrance. Still need the tunnel in my opinion.
  12. Landscaping cloth not plastic will stop the gravel from sinking into the ground when the rain and mud comes. Gravel will give them a clean place to work and they will be able to work faster when the workers are not covered in mud. Plus grass and weeds will not grow, they won't have to cut the grass under the ride, Imo.
  13. Today trucks spent the day dumping dirt in that spot. Could it be from River Town or could it be dirt from the construction over in the water park.
  14. Could be they are just moving dirt from one side of the park to the other to get it out of the way.
  15. Some coasters are a work of art, this one is not.
  16. I found Coaster Gear at Cp in more than one gift shop, I believe KI also has it in theirs. Mine is a shallow fanny pack I presume made for Ceder Fair the wife's is more of a pouch with strap. My first one lasted 10 yrs and 5 different parks until the zipper broke and I had to replace it.
  17. We have taken multiple day trips to the Point and have had no problem with Food Services on any trips. We ate at a variety of food stands and restaurants which had lines yes but service, speed and attitudes were great. We did not make it to KI this year so I can't speak to that.
  18. Just thought I would add my 2 cents, having been hit with items, stopped half way up on Blue Streak lift waiting on a worker coming up, scolding and taking a guys Nikon camera away, Also I caught a guys hat once and gave it back to him 5 rows up on Magnum. My son and I were in the last row of the last car of one of the last trains of the night for Millenium ERT, while getting out of the seat I see my phone laying on the back of the train on the verge of falling off. I also had my phone in a cargo pocket and did not understand how it got their but i had to jump back on the train before it moved, in my mind all I could see was my phone falling off going into the station. Now I use Coaster Gear that I bought at Cp strapped around my waist under my shirt for wallet and phone as well as the stupid change I get back from concessions.
  19. I would like to know the answer to the one question nobody is asking. If he was with his family why did they not stop him from crossing the fence, or did they actually help him? If they helped him they should be charged.
  20. The memory of my first trip was as a teenager excited to go to KI its opening year. After years of riding Blue Streak at Cp I couldn't wait to ride Racer and it did not disappoint. Then there are the memories of Vortex its opening year, what a ride that was back then, as well as King Cobra its first year.
  21. Don't forget air-conditioned eatery's and gift shops, they want you to spend your money.
  22. Time to replace the one thing missing from Cp since the removal of The Pirate Ride, Earthquake and the Fun House. The perfect spot for a new dark ride.
  23. Great answer upstop, I was thinking the same thing. But I was going to say Blue so I could stop for Blue Ice cream on the way.
  24. That new sign is amazing, and this whole structure of coaster, sign, station and theming is a work of art. Many, many props to everyone who had anything to do with this ride coming together. I have only been to 3 Cedar Fair Parks but I think this has to be the best looking ride in any of their parks. I hope that this kind of detail is brought to every project that is put together in the future of Cedar Fair.
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