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  1. So, today on Beast, probably around 8-9, they were sending train 1 around empty for a while, occasionally slowly letting it out of the station. Any clue what that would have been?
  2. The only thing I'll say on the Fresstyle machines is that they're great as a novelty stall with a couple locations. The issue is when they're the only open refill stations or at least the only ones nearby. The park could probably stand to open a few more drink stalls and making them higher priority in terms of staffing. That's not necessarily the best solution, but that'd be my unprofessional one.
  3. The facades need a makeover, but the layout is fine as is, and any "entrance coaster" would almost certainly remove any charm the entrance for front of I-Street has. While they look cool at some parks, I wouldn't want one here. (Plus, we technically already have an entrance coaster in Invertigo. It's not as impressive as the others, but it's interesting and out of the way enough to not detract from the feel of the entrance.)
  4. I believe the way that the IPs worked was that the parks still had to pay for the right to use the Paramount IPs. If that were the case, then the bigger IPs would've been more expensive and probably not worth the price.
  5. There might be the small wrinkle that the first ground up I-box is going to Energylandia in Poland: http://coasterhub.com/archives/23520 . Would still be really cool to have a ground-up RMC (though personally I'm not sure that there'd be a difference between I-box and topper when built from scratch, does anyone else know if there is one?).
  6. Does anyone here know if the hot beverage mugs are dishwasher safe? I'd like to think so, them being hot drink containers, but I don't want to ruin mine.
  7. It's fantastic to hear that there's a single rider line on Mr. T. I've really missed those being a thing; regular lines can honestly suck when you're all alone at the park. I doubt anyone here's been to the other WF's this weekend, but can anyone comment on what CGA's Winterfest was like last year and how it compares to Kings Island? We'll have numerous people comparing it backwards in time, but I'm also wondering what it's like across the nation. EDIT: \/ I didn't realize Gator was in the show; which one does he play?
  8. According to the website, passholders get a $5 discount. Sadly, I can't find anything for meal plan holders.
  9. While I technically ended the season at Hot Blooded, my last ride was Mystic Timbers. 10/10, would ride again.
  10. I'd honestly be willing to drop the winds if we had a dynamic band that interacted with the singers and possibly even sang themselves. Granted, this is me wanting CP's Red Garter Saloon band, but I think it could work here.
  11. I think that's been a bit of a running gag at the park. I've heard numerous parks said at numerous rides. It's funny.
  12. I'd like to see some more themed buildings in Rivertown. As is it feels like a bunch of disconnected buildings. With the layout being what it is, I don't know where they'd go, but I'd love to see some. I could imagine revamping the TR:TR location into something like Frontier Trail at CP, including a saloon. I'd especially love a show like Totally Live! from CP to perform there. Also a new dark ride in place of Boo Blasters (though not a Peanuts dark ride like many others want; I'd much prefer an original story).
  13. I had it yesterday and it was amazing. It was a bittersweet moment to realize that the pork was only a special because it was one of my favorite foods at KI yet, and the fries were superb. About the special meal plan offers, I had assumed those were part of the grand opening to entice people to try everything and not just the chicken/shrimp. Once the place has been there for a bit and everyone knows what the food tastes like, normal operation would kick in again.
  14. Does anyone know where the map PDF is on the new site? The old link takes you to the google maps page, and I don't think the PDF is anywhere on that page.
  15. Tell that to Swan Lake and the canoes where The Beast currently sits. Rivertown seemed quite wet to me.
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