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  2. like i said i like the news and more times than not i want to hear the story but c'mon is it really that hard to get at least some of the facts straight?
  3. true true eh why do i really even care im hardly ever over there anyways
  4. i just say if its not worth telling the story with proper facts and visual aids then maybe they shouldn't tell the story at all. i mean anyone who really cares already knows anyways. gah, i just have a lot of issues with the news. especially around here they are just really bad at delivering the news and a good chunk of the time its poorly reported news.
  5. yeah obviously i'd rather have a new coaster than fix up a slightly run down area of the park. but lets just say move that up higher on the list for next year
  6. I can just imagine hearing this RUMOR the first day in the queue. "Did you hear a test dummy fell out of train during testing due to a restraint problem." oh yeah i heard that too!! *gasp*
  7. thats just upsetting. come on people its the NEWS do your jobs...grr
  8. this almost made me wet my pants.....wowww that was funny
  9. i imagine i'll run into people quite a bit this year. i plan on being there just about every weekend the park is open and possibly quite a few weekdays (since as of now i only work every other day...and depending on if i have a car to drive down or not seeing as how i dont have my own anymore) but yeah if i do see anyone from here im sure they'll have to say hi first cuz im just that shy of a person haha
  10. sadly...i haven't ridden The Beast in 10 years. so this year i plan on riding it as much as i can simply to make up for lost time. i imagine a good chunk of my time in the park this year will be spent on the ride or in line to ride it. its awesome to see those pictures and realize the park isn't neglecting everything else for Diamondback. woo im excited!
  11. ^i saw that too! i was excited and saved it
  12. ^ i have to agree with you there. i went back there the last time i was at the park and it just made me sad. i remember going when i was a little kid and it was still days of thunder and it was all usually very well kept up and this last time there was no one over there and it was just run down and tired looking. very depressing.
  13. i think i may have to finally break down this year and get myself some blue
  14. there's a real good video of that on youtube...not to mention funny like crazy. its a good hearted happy video
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