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  1. Us the refillable cups but have the option to tie the cup to the families season passes. Just scan the cup and the holder pass. If they match, they get to use the cup. This would make stealing a cup fruitless because it wouldn't match your ID.
  2. This is one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time. I have been at KI every summer (except the 2 I live in Fla) since the park opened and have had seasons passes every year they offered them (except the 2 in Fla) and one other year. These pics bring back so many memories. I, like you, really miss that tunnel walk way. I always thought of it as a time tunnel where we went from the modern world of Hanna Barbera Land and went back to the frontier. The Indians running out of the woods at the train completed this illusion.
  3. That picture sure brings back memories. That coaster used to scare me to death, I was a real wimp back then.
  4. Doesn't look to be there anymore, does anybody know what happened to it?
  5. Is that the park the Demon went off to?
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