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    I love roller coasters/amusement parks, reading, knitting, and whatnot. I've been going to KI since I was a baby and have a special place for it in my heart. I've worked at Cedar Point and Walt Disney World. Currently live and work in my home state of Indiana. Oh, and La Rosa's pepperoni pizza is great :) I kind of want some now...

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  1. Does anyone know who that guy is? That's $4,300 that he is bidding right now (and about half of those aren't above #96). I don't know but, I'm definitely curious about who he is... I bid! Two seats for $115/seat. Pricier than a regular admission but, I've never been to opening day at a park and I've been wanting to ride Diamondback since before it was officially announced. It is also a great cause. I don't know how much higher I would get but, it seems like something I'd be willing to spend some savings on.
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