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  1. Xbase related. Is this a leftover prop from the Crypt?
  2. Both trains were running last night. We were stuck on the last brake run for about 10 minutes. Mechanic had to push us to the station. Totally worth it though, better than steel vengeance.
  3. Twisted timbers has been up and down all day. But it's the only coaster that's longer than a walk on.
  4. Got to KD at 630pm. Rode Grizzly, Twisted Timbers, WWC, Dominator, Berzerker, Crypt twice, FOF, Anaconda, and Intimidator 305 all before closing. Breath of fresh air compared to Dorney. And, I've been wanting to ride the Crypt since the one at KI was neutered.we will hit everything else tomorrow.
  5. All in all I wouldn't recommend Dorney. The only coaster worth anything is Steel Force, and Magnum at Cedar Point is the same thing. The little things made a big difference. Unenthusiastic ride ops, taped welcomes on rides, non-automatic gates(dumb), and line jumping was rampant. I also saw a dude with his phone out on Thunderhawk, videotaping on ride, back at the station, the ride op saw him and shrugged. And when have you ever seen this at Kings Island? Most trash cans were like this all day. Hopefully Kings dominion will be better.
  6. Headed to Dorney for 2 days then KD. Anything I should know. Things to not miss, eat, etc.
  7. Banshee is a station wait.
  8. I went to Panda Express on Saturday and saw that the meal plan stickers were on the fried rice, orange chicken and beef & broccoli so that's what I got. The manager was getting drinks, so I asked if those were the only options or if it would switch to different days. She said you can get anything you want now. Some people were allergic to oranges and didn't like broccoli so they just opened it up. Nice to know AFTER i got my food. I would have rather had the Kung Pao(Jimmy likes his chicken spicy) Now I wonder if they will put stickers next to everything, or if it will change if different supervisors are running it. Not really a deal breaker, but they really need to get their act together.
  9. My daughter and I were caught riding Shake, Rattle and Roll on preview night by a WCPO.com photographer. Believe it or not I was having fun, lol. It's picture number 20 http://www.wcpo.com/entertainment/entertainment-photo-gallery/kings-island-kicks-off-2015-season
  10. Will the season long dining plan start on April 17th or the 18th?
  11. Hearing Sabre Dance on International Street in the 70's let me know I was at Kings Island.
  12. Well... it kind of had Bell Biv Devoe in it. One of the songs in the show is "Mr. Telephone Man" by New Edition, which a very young Bell, Biv & Devoe were a part of (along with Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill & Ralph Tresvant, of course). LoraX can tell you that I know that song! Yes, but that's like saying Peter Gabriel IS Genesis. The show needs more New Jack Swing!
  13. We had the Pizza meal deal at Festhaus and Banshee twist ice cream. The Banshee Brew is new, it's a red creme soda float. Barq's with blue ice cream. Didn't try it...yet.
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