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  1. Man its been a while since Ive been on here! As some of you know me I played Steve in Urgent scare in the hallway and in the last 2 weeks in the morgue and most likely returning again to haunt the halls of the hospital. I would really love Urgent scare to be revamped for this year with new layout, rooms, scenes, and actors. Would be nice if we had all of Acton Theater to ourselves that would make for one incredible hospital. Guess Steve can only be wishing until its time for fresh meat to roam looking for a non existent cure to whatever it happening to them. Couldnt see why anyone would want to fix whats happening to them? Just look at Steve I loved what happened!
  2. Ive had moments on DB where my restraint was stapled down and on the first drop poped up a click and my initial reaction is "YAY IM NOT STAPLED...and WEEEEEE AIR TIME!"
  3. This happend last week I think actully. Very sad when I read it but what I thoght was funny is how they ran it to show how it actully happend. This I read she fell 24 stories maybe?
  4. I applied for rides on Sunday so im hoping to get a interview soon. It seems like the perfect summer job for me.
  5. I wonder who that kid in the backrow is
  6. Very excited due to the fact that I applied for rides today!
  7. But as Daniel Tosh mentioned in a recent episode, does ANYONE actually read the Terms And Condtions before checking the box?! Checking the box is th biggest lie on the internet.
  8. While I have worked diffrent haunts little kids have been the one thing thats has annoyed me the most. Having them try and attempt to "make fun" of me only makes me want to go after them more. Noticed this alot at Haunt this year. Wish I would have been able to work but theres always next year to scare.
  9. Does he know anything about the mysterious Facebookasarus :0 but anyway adorable will have to take my little cousins through it soon.
  10. Ill say last year as better then this year so far. But you all still have time to improve. Last year I remember having a girl yell "Quick get into the barn there coming!" This year no one was there. Though ill say you guys have hide more then they did last year. Overall nicely done!
  11. Good luck with that happening Hulk wont even go into the ring with Sting. Bur now he has to becasue Sting beat Rick Flair.
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