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  1. I'm loving these raw footage videos of yours!! Keep it up!
  2. Funny, because I didn't start having trouble until I visited this thread.
  3. I wish I could make PTRs as awesome as this! I truly loved this park (no. 1 in my book). And you're right, the attention to detail is AMAZING. Great, great PTR! Thanks so much for sharing! [600th post]
  4. And this is why we are friends. Anyone who does not know KIfan1980 will not know that he is being sarcastic. (or at least I think.. )
  5. ^Something like that would really be nice to celebrate. I would love it if they did something celebrating the history of the park, and if they bring back lots of nostalgic things. But that might be more suitable for a 50th anniversary... I just hope they do something big to celebrate 40 years of our park
  6. I've been there once when they were adding a train, but the queue was closed off and I barely saw it through the station. Thanks for sharing! Josh, who also gawks at minuscule engineering aspects of things, such as this.
  7. I made a topic about this 2 years ago. Make sure to check to see if something's been posted before! http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16794
  8. While this addition does not really affect me too much, I'll be glad to check it out once or twice! I like these kinds of things, and its great that KI is putting in an educational aspect to the park! Like I said, it doesn't really appeal to me and other thrill-seekers all too much, but it'll be great for families, young kids, and people who don't like riding. Great, great idea on KI's part. As for all you whiners - Do you REALLY think that with the addition of WindSeeker, it'd be another major attraction? Let's get real. And also, think about the economics involved in running an amusement park, (as Gibson said) it's not just about appealing to the thrill-seekers, they need to attract families as well. Now as for the upcharge...
  9. Is this a Land Before Time reference? If it is, you're my new best friend. I VOTED DUCKY
  10. So this inspired me to make my own Xtranormal video. Edit.. Nevermind I tried to post the video I made but it wont work embedded... So I'll just post the link - http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/11041760
  11. I love this thread so far! It keeps me coming back daily to see the pictures, it's sure to keep me occupied until we get to opening day. Great idea , Paul.
  12. Wow... I never even knew that existed! Honestly I thought when I saw this thread someone mixed up Enchanted Voyage and Phantom Theater.... I feel dumb.
  13. That was honestly my favorite Haunt of the season. Seriously hanging out with you all, and also Alyssa (TrainedBeast for those of you who don't know her) at the exit of Wolf Pack. Lines were pretty short too! I ended up doing Slaughterhouse (which was seriously the most fun experience I've had in a Haunt), Massacre Manor (twice in a row due to no lines), Carnevil (longest wait of the night), Urgent Scare, Wolf Pack, and got two rides on Flight Deck without getting off all in about 3.5 hours. It was an AMAZING last visit for me. Me and my friend Anna (who was with me that night) video-taped us walking out for the last time and we look back on that video and have tears come to our eyes. Yeah, I'm a nerd.
  14. I'll just answer the ones that are opinion, since Muppet answered the facts. Ride Waits - As MuppetFan said, on Fridays the waits tend to be relatively low and then on Saturdays the park is pretty much packed full. Try to avoid Saturdays as much as possible. Good Entry Level Haunts - I'd say maybe Cemetery Drive or CornStalkers because both are really easy to figure out where the actors will jump out. Good Night Rides - I think that Diamondback, Adventure Express, and Flight Deck are all great night rides. My favorite night ride behind The Beast is Delirium. I like it because the lights around the park are all you can see and its really really disorienting and confusing, all in all a great rush.
  15. Oh, the joy it brings me to convert coaster-haters. That's really one of the best feelings I've ever experienced.
  16. I didn't even know when it was.... I saw that a sign said the date but that was a few days after the actual fair.
  17. my my, what a long list of top tens you've got there.

  18. Wow! I never knew that there were plans to remove Flight of Fear! That would've been a bad idea on Paramount's fault considering it is one of the more popular rides at the park today.
  19. I, for one, think that the jolting from side to side adds to the experience... Hopefully I'm not alone on that?
  20. I don't ride Flight of Fear very often, but I've noticed that in the MCBR (WHEN YOU COME TO A STUPID COMPLETE STOP) the whole structure seems to shake/rock back and forth. I agree, it's not necessarily rough, but yes it is violent. For example, your body jolts from side to side very quickly in some parts. I consider rough rattling your body.
  21. Rivertown! Beast, Diamondback, White Water Canyon, KI&MVRR.... I could live there! Top 3 Rides: (this is difficult) 1. Diamondback (of course) 2. The Beast 3. The Racer
  22. I really liked this TR And although it was short, it was very detailed. I'm looking forward to reading more and more of your TRs in the future. Thanks for sharing!
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