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  1. It was a functioning machine, likely built by Allan Stafford who built and still builds similar instruments out of regular pianos. It's beyond me WHY they left it outside, but I can't exactly do anything about it. If it's still in storage, I don't know, but I'd like to know about the other instrument..
  2. Okay, I found something... which probably means it's ruined. The nickelodeon from the restaurant which went to Phantom Theater sat out during the Halloween Haunt display in 2008 at the front entrance with other characters from Phantom Theater... It certainly rained on the instrument and... sigh... At least it wasn't an antique.
  3. Alright folks, I need some help on a mystery I'm trying to solve. I was at a friend's house who loaned me a cassette of the Wurlitzer 157 recorded in 1984 which was apparently the year it was restored by Don Stinson, (and is due for another soon, but that's a topic for another day) but on the other side of the cassette was of a nickelodeon from a restaurant that the park had. It had an accordion, percussion, a piano with exposed keys, and like the band organ played itself. Not only was this instrument in the park though, there was ANOTHER which apparently was just on display and didn't pl
  4. I have considered bringing headphones to the park because of the pop music, I hear enough of that 'stuff' (to put it nicely) everywhere else. Part of what makes an amusement park special is music. A park needs its own soundtrack as music can get a emotional response that drives people back again and again. Why do you think Disney parks are so popular? Sure, you've got the 'Disney' stuff but you can't tell me that music has nothing to do with it. Seldom do you ever hear 'pop' at Disney. This is really, really good news about International Street though! If the park was wise, they'd bring r
  5. Any thoughts on the lights on the organ? The carousel had incandescent lights put in again to replace the... 'interesting' LEDs that were on the ride the past 2-3 seasons. (Those were never intended to be a permanent replacement for the record) It's a possibility that the carousel may be bulbed in the same warm white LEDs that are now on the organ in the not too distant future. I also heard the organ wasn't playing Saturday -- must of simply been a miscommunication because it was playing well today. (Sunday)
  6. I don't think it was communicated to play the band organ opening day -- checked with someone and it was playing today. (Sunday) It's sounding pretty good, so I'm sorry you didn't get to hear it!
  7. New Update posted showing the new lightbulbs on the organ. These are LED filament lights which look virtually identical to incandescent lights. The organ hasn't looked like this since the early 1980's!
  8. The organ in theory could play anything with a melody. Broadway tunes work very well - including recent ones. There's 2 rolls that were arranged a few years back with semi-modern tunes such as "Rock Around the Clock", "9 To 5", "Down at the Twist and Shout", and "Bad Moon Rising". Neither I or the park has a copy of those rolls though. Here's an arrangement I just finished yesterday that the band organ could play. It's not on a roll yet, but it shows it can do a lot!
  9. Thank you! That truly means a lot to hear that. I've seen several kids and adults (including myself of course!) Just sit and listen to the organ for quite a while. There was one child in particular 2 years ago who's father told me he came "JUST to hear the organ". As for what's new on the organ, you'll likely notice it before you even get on!
  10. You'd be surprised how versatile the band organ actually is. It can do quite a bit with the right arrangement. 6 bass notes covers 4 different keys the organ can play in comfortably. Kind of a funny fact, but the recording that plays when the real organ isn't working is of a band organ about half the size (I've seen and heard that particular organ in person) and much more limited. I've been arranging rolls for these, including quite a few for organs like at Kings Island for 5 years and that tune would work very nicely! A Phantom of the Opera medley is another that comes to my mind.
  11. Nope - I'm not talking about music. I can tell you now that the two rolls I put on are: 6625 and 6621. Something's different that hasn't been this way since at least the early 1980's.
  12. Thank you so much! I put 2 snappy rolls on and will put new music on at least monthly. There *may* even be a special roll for Halloween Haunt as I've been looking to arrange a Halloween roll. (Any tune requests?) The park already does have a Christmas roll for Winterfest from years past.
  13. Update (6/21/17) Rolls playing: 6617 and 6627 I think I've finally got a temporary fix on the speed control. No more funeral march tempo! (Original Post) Hi Everyone! Opening day is approaching and there's a BUNCH to be excited about. As a wooden coaster fan - I'm itching to ride the new coaster, and Winterfest is going to be truly specacular... Trust me, you won't want to miss it! Anyways, I was at the park today and 2 weeks ago with a band organ restorer to diagnose some issues and between those two days - I'm pretty happy with the result. Today was a tuning day
  14. That's what I was afraid of. It may not play for the rest of the season due to the gaskets. In my eyes though, Mystic Timbers will be a close second to how good this will sound in 2017! I am planning to go through the entire organ as well as do some cosmetic work.
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