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  1. CedarPointer, hoping someone understands this... Ugh, I really hope that they will return JII into its clasic state
  2. I expect next sunday to be somewhere in the middle crowdwise because it is a sunday when only locals will go because they don't want to drive home, but I am pretty sure it is also gold pass bring a friend for ten dollars day.
  3. I heard 4 words(To Choke Upon) by Bullet For My Valentine in Action Zone and Strange Days by the Doors in Rivertown by Diamondback.
  4. ...because everyone knows thin people don't perspire, smell or use sunscreen... Sigh. Sorry, I wasn't trying to be offensive with my last post. I'm borderline obeise and I sweat more than most of my friends, It might just be genetics. But I am sorry to who all I offended.
  5. I wouldn't want them to get rid of Congo Falls, just clean up the water. It smells so bad, like sweaty people with too much sunscrean.
  6. Yeah, last year Firehawk was a walk on. I have pictures to prove it, but sadly I don't know how to put them on KIC
  7. If this is already a topic than disreagard my post. Please tell me what you think and why, and thank you for your help.
  8. I strongly advise you to ride in the very front on FOF, I have taken many friends and not and the front, then once in the front and it blew their minds. As for The Beast I have no strong oppinion,although I sit in the front if it has a abysmal wait.
  9. I have probably been on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at the Magic Kingdom the most. I have probably been on it around one hundred times, which isnt alot compaired too all of you guys.
  10. Where is the link? Sorry for not putting it in my earlier post Here it is
  11. Kings Island-It was a great year. Diamondback was amazing, as well as the rest of the rest of the park Magic Kingdom- It is so amazing. The dark rides are amazing. The theme is great,the restaurants, and the rides it is just great. Epcot- The rides are great, the food is the best I have ever had at a themepark, the scenery is great. I just love Epcot DHS- Tower of Terror and Rockin' rollercoaster are my two favorite thrill rides. I love Aerosmith. The themeing on ToT is amazing. I also love Prime Time cafe and Sci Fi dine in theater. The great movie ride is one of my favorite dark rides, over all this is my favorite park. Animal Kingdom- It is great, I just don't enjoy it as much as the four parks I previously mentioned, so I don't feel like reviewing it
  12. I have said that would be great for a while I also think we should get bathrooms in X-base, we really, really need those
  13. I'm really exicted for the WWoHP. When I'm in Orlando I usually just stay on Disney property. I really want to take a day to see this.
  14. I got 80%. I missed the Coke Zero Busses and the Tight Rope Walk. Dang
  15. I love the Front seat, just being able to see everything. The back seat is also very good. I always have trouble choosing, but i prefer the front.
  16. Earlier in this year I had a dream about Kings Island. I was on Vortex and alot of kids from my school were there. My OTSR failed and I got thrown out of the car. I grabed on to the person in the back cars OTSR and held on for the whole ride. It was pretty weird.
  17. I am going this sunday for fall break, I went for fall break last year on a sunday, and I also went the year before on suday for fall break. It was dead, the park was empty. I'm hoping it is dead this sunday. I expect very little crowds, but you never know.
  18. I will agree with ICP, but Slayer, comeon Slayers good and they aren't going against park rules.
  19. Yes, I saw someone in it once! Oh, you meant us? Not me. lol
  20. Ok, I've got a question to add. Has anybody here used the overpriced drier outside of WWC?
  21. I heard Welcome to my Nightmare by Alice Cooper last year in AZ and Dead Awakening.
  22. I went on WTRA many times last year during October. I never got wet, but now with every one getting soaked that is one ride I will probably have to skip, untill next summer, that is.
  23. Every one slams tombstone Terror-tory. I personally loved it. It was a llittle predictable at times, but I still ran out screaming as a 12 year old boy(it was in 2007) 8.5/10
  24. No but i would like to, never, very very rarely, no and i doubt I will, only if it has no wait. and good thread idea KIfan73
  25. Some guys posted this as a comment on the video oldiesman put a link for The Vortex is sinking, but about being the last year it will be open, not´╗┐ so sure about that. There are daily problems with the lasers on The Vortex tracks not lining up so they have to fix it almost every day otherwise there are safety cut outs and people get stuck at some spots xD
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