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About Me

Random facts about me:

- Many of my posts will reference my kids. I have two boys - 5 and 8 year olds.

- They are both Kings Island and coaster fans as well. My 5 year old hit the magic 48" this season and loves Vortex. My 8 year old hit the 54" height and is a big fan of WindSeeker and Diamondback although claims Apollo's Chariot as his favorite.

- I live in Mason close to Kings Island

- Diamondback is the first coaster I've even spent time marathoning and counting laps on. I've now ridden it over 200 times

- I believe I've ridden Racer the most in my life

Parks I REALLY need to visit list:

- Carrowinds

- Kings Dominion

Park I recommend you visit:

- Silver Dollar City: Great theming and some great rides.

- Busch Gardens (Both Tampa and Williamsburg): Wonderful all around parks

- Holiday World: It lives up to the family friendly atmosphere and has a Great Water Park

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