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  1. Jonscars - I can completely understand your frustration at not getting a clean answer, and recognize that you thought this would have leveled you up, so by not doing so, heightens the frustration. That said, GR did try to work with you to resolve your concern (essentially gave you another perk). Maybe it's time to accept it and move on - after all, you didn't spend the $270 yourself and it's possible that the coding in the system has "skipped" this $270 for many reasons (a few Possibilities I can think of): - there is a limit to how many FL purchases can be credited to one account on one day - there is a restriction on gaining credit and using the 50% simultaneously - there is a discrepancy in understanding between the programmer and the writer of the FAQ's and they are not supposed to count or they are but currently don't I personally think My family had a recent days worth of purchases missed (from general watching my % grow), but this happened because my wife used my card on a day I wasn't at the park (not realizing all cards are active). This would have given me purchases without a visit which could have been "rejected". I guess I could try and follow up, but am not sure it is worth it at this point. One final thought - while maybe in a perfect world it should be unrelated, do you think guest services is going to go the extra mile for someone who was banned from the KI Facebook page, then asked about being re-allowed on it on KIC, before claiming he didn't really care, and showing no sign of remorse, as you did here recently? The reality of your prior actions may reflect on the context your current actions are viewed with.
  2. I'd just like him to define complete circuit and let me know what record 306ft breaks before I read on. Yet, people will beleive this and quote him as a reference on Wikipedia. Can someone also remind me of the open quote text to use to put the box around it - I think it is [\quote] to end but don't remember the start. - fixed (except here to avoid a fake one) thanks Terp
  3. You might be recalling the following post from the "new fun perks feature" thread. This was based, iirc, on someone being 50% there with 5 visits and no spending, but others replied saying they were over 10 visits and not at level 2.
  4. You are right, but it is worth noting that homestar92 posted the following in the "SoB to be removed" thread ~24 hours before this topic was created. It would make more sense to have one conversation in one place and who posts firsts has to play a part on that. I'm not trying to act like a mod here, but too much scanning of threads and not enough checking to see if data exists in advance leads to less effective forums in my opinion.
  5. Lots of fun things here. Not an identical thread, but fairly close. http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24040-interesting-things-ride-ops-do/page__fromsearch__1
  6. We could also just continue this discussion in the SoB to be removed thread where it was first mentioned a day ago.
  7. Like the 50% off admission, I am sure the discount will only apply to the "regular" price. Here's hoping it's not though! I got my 2012 pass for $49.99. As for 2013, if it is a $69.99 renewal, with a $20 buyout day discount and a $20 Funperks discount - my new target price for 2013 would be $29.99 Yeah, not thinking it'll happen.
  8. On the leaked info topic - quote from Browntggrr's article. -------- "It's not always a bad thing, in many cases," Zelm continues. "It just gets people more excited, and it adds, I think, to the intrigue of what's coming. We don't necessarily look at it as a failure, we just look at it as, 'Hey, people are talking about us.' And ultimately, that's what we want, right?" ------------- I think that quote from the article is somewhat telling. Didn't Don say something about the coaster wars saying it didn't matter if KI won - it was good to have people talking about te park and it's rides.
  9. Sharing some thoughts on capital expenditures based upon my own experience outside the amusement park industry: - First a reminder that the Government (IRS, SEC, and other agencies) has rules that define how businesses must mange money: for example, what is a capital expenditure versus what is expense spending (capital creates a depreciating asset) and when spending must be reported - If, as I beleive to be the case, the FUN financial/tax year is Jan-Dec, a new coaster project like Gatekeeper will have major spending in both 2012 (design costs, Purchase of parts delivered this year, demo) and 2013 (installation, parts delivered next year). Therefore, you can't just assign the $30Million project cost to a fiscal year spend easily. The corporation must mange both yearly costs and project costs. - I'd also expect FUN to build their capital budgets up from zero each year, beginning with an annual budget for capital repairs and improvements (planned and unexpected) at each park. For example, fixing Delirium this year was likely an unexpected capital outlay (Im guessing that cost of parts made them capital per IRS regulations). Fixing siding on FOF building may also fit this category. - After this, I'd imagine that the major projects capital budget is an iterative process between the parks and corporate where projects, costs, return on investment, and link to park master plans are all factors in which projects move forward in a given year (you know there are more requests than money available). - How well the company is doing is also important in the equation as capital spend is a cash flow so as the year progresses, there may be tightening or easing of the purse strings. And if CF is like other companies, I'd bet there is a ton of back room politics and negotiations when it comes down to who gets the money - with each park feeling that they deserve more than they get
  10. The key word in that article was "unnamed" - you know the investor/bank/whatever who is going to finance $30 Million of the deal. He may not be asking for state money, but Hart does not have the financing lined up for this.
  11. Don't even suggest making changes to the RR layout. While I might prefer a more interesting atmosphere to accompany the train, I also recognize that we have something special and would hate to lose it.
  12. Newton would beg to differ unless there was a hole in the floor.
  13. Thanks for sharing - fun to see your humor "live" a little.
  14. Even though I reco'd Tourguidemike earlier, It sounds like RailRider has more current data. I noticed on our last (spring 2011) trip that the site wasn't as updated as prior and it sounds like its only gotten worse which is really too bad. Also great points on transport - it can be very resort specific. I've typically been at the vacation club resorts where the crowds to number of buses/options is better, although getting to other properties for dinner is often best via car unless you have a simple/direct service option.
  15. A few Disney tips from my perspective. - Seriously consider spending the $20 or so at tourguidemike.com for the knowledge you can gain from the site (best data for me is their info on what parks will be most crowded when) - GET UP EARLY. To maximize the enjoyment of Disney, be at the parks and at the rope for rope drop. Lines only grow as the day goes along and I'd much rather take a 60 min nap in the afternoon (avoiding one line) than sleep that extra 60 minutes in the morning (and miss 4 rides). - Have a plan. You don't need to schedule your day to the last detail, but a plan will help you make the most of it - Fastpasses (leverage the system as best you can recognizing that Disney has gotten strict about return times - unfortunately). A couple of key FP points: > Rides to get a FP for as early in the day as possible (Epcot-Soarin, Studios-Toy Story Midway Mania) > Make sure you get your next FP as soon as it is available. For example - you have a FP return time of 12:40pm-1:40pm for Tower of Terror and it is now 12:40pm. You can either immediately go ride ToT or you can get your next set of fast passes first. Gettin the passes then riding is better than riding and then getting your next passes. - Have fun, recognize you can't see/do everything - take in the atmosphere (including shows, displays, and events), don't just go from ride to ride. Disney is about more than the rides - Transport, use the Disney system but recognize it will take longer than you expect (but driving would be even worse)
  16. I doubt the cost is negative - While sale of scrap could recover some costs, it would shock me if it was anywhere near 100%
  17. A couple of thoughts: - depending upon the company and role, it is quite possible for an intern to learn upstream confidential information. At my company we spend a lot of time with interns on their responsibilities wrt this type of info. - I don't know whether Dill is an intern at KI or whether KI has interns in positions to learn info but it wouldn't be shocking to learn of a relationship with UC - if Dill is an intern, I hope he enjoyed it because if I was his boss, he'd be done tomorrow
  18. It's revenge! SoB thread - from 0 to off-topic in x-posts
  19. Knotts really is a very enjoyable park with some awesome theming and wonderful rides, including much more than just the coasters (which they have many very good ones!) A highly recommended visit for those who have the chance. Thanks for sharing your pictures!
  20. So here is my thoughts on the original topic: - with the SoB decision made, I see Action Zone as the key element of the dry park that will see expansion over the next 5-7 years - Step 1 in 2012: SoB demolition - Step 2 in 2013: Construction site for new 2014 coaster - 2014 - new steel coaster debuts (type could be almost anything - I'd vote for an invert of Maverick style, but wouldn't rule out others) - 2015 - waterpark expansion - 2016 - new Action Zone high thrill flat (I'd vote for Screamin Swing) - 2018/2019 - new wooden twister coaster
  21. Maybe someone that works for KI will read this and make some changes so we don't have to repeat our order 2-3 times and we don't have to wait 12 minutes AFTER we placed our order. Why did you choose to quote me again here? I'm suggesting that those responding to you and Medford be less antagonistic but you feel the need to restate your issues? I'm confused - maybe next time I'll hop on the bandwagon telling you to just get over yourself.
  22. Maybe she was having a bad day, maybe she is just not very good in that role. We all have different things we are good at. Seriously folks, we've likely all had good and bad service - why do we have to guess about what may have happened to bat and Medford in such an antagonistic fashion?
  23. Hey, friendly reminder, did you mean were?
  24. One thing is clear - SDC is advertising this as a wooden coaster (even referencing the steel wheels typically seen on wood coasters as part of their definition).
  25. I'm a little surprised that it is age related at all - I'd have expected it to follow the season pass rule (height) from a consistency perspective. While I understand it feels young, if your kids have adult gold passes - I know both of mine did before they were 7 - then I'd expect to pay adult prices on something like this also.
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