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  1. Freely admitting that I didn't go read te whole thread - did anyone suggest removing swan lake for a coaster in Rivertown?
  2. I don't recall it being considered an easy, family friendly ride. It was an intense new experience. Compared to some rides today it may be considered less than thrilling, but not when it was installed.
  3. Only problem I have on iPhone or iPad is that sometimes when I switch to full version, it won't switch until I move to a new page. Are you sure you aren't in private browsing or not accepting cookies?
  4. Seriously, not sure what you are expecting, but those waits on DB, FD, AE, Racer and the ones you didn't ride sound like summer normal not excessively long/packed/crowded. Even Vortex didn't seem too bad as there are no real station queues anymore (with Fast Lane) and it chews through a line like DB. Walkon Days for everything don't exist unless weather is involved - and that is a good thing for the park.
  5. The ironic thing is that the topic was stopped - 4 days without a post, until you put it back on people's new content searches by posting in it. Forums truly are a case of ignore it and it will go away.
  6. While it makes sense for Oktoberfest I'd want them to improve the flow and feel of Action Zone with the newly available space.
  7. C and D are both trips that I'd like to take. Dollywood and BGW are great parks.
  8. Obviously not, but when managing a business you need to evaluate risks - the risk of problems on the worlds first that is also the worlds tallest and fastest or largest is signicantly higher than on the worlds second or something that has been done before. There is also a higher/lower risk of failure associated with different manufacturers - you could research the most reliable car, tv, or appliance - the park must do it for rides as part of the analysis. Bottom line, Paramount and KI wasted a ton of money on those attractions and it has set the park back significantly. I would be shocked if they didn't go for something safe with the next major investment.
  9. New favorite goes to the poster complaining about taking down SoB since it still holds records - suggesting instead that if anything should be removed it should be The Beast since it is so old - hmmmmm
  10. I had to go to Save Son of Beast and KI facebook pages today for a good laugh. It's amazing to me how some people will react to a situation out of their control. I'd also like to do a poll of those most upset that SoB is being removed - from my vantage point it seems as though many who are losing their mind upset that such a great ride is being removed either: - Never got to ride it as I was too small - Only got to ride it once or twice (normally after loop removal) I know there are others (Dropzone, Nightmare, Colonel, Agent) come to mind who rode it more often and aren't happy (although I havent seen any of them flipping out), but the majority seem to be those who have an image or a single memory of the ride.
  11. I remember when Top Gun was considered a highly thrilling coaster - now, some barely consider Flight Deck more than a kiddie coaster. I'm not sure what will excite some people as I've heard many complain about the wing riders, B&M Hypers, and even Millie not being intense enough in the past. I say this to note that family friendly/best day ever may involve different attractions for different people - for my family, Vortex and beast contribute to that day! I'd like to see a coaster like Maverick or a B&M invert go on the SoB plot.
  12. Since there is no guarantee of there being an auction/any sale, speculation on your questions about how it would work would be total swags. I imagine if sold, pieces would be more expensive than you'd imagine. I don't beleive pieces will be sold/auctioned.
  13. I'd like to see them dismantle SoB to prepare for future expansion
  14. Waiting for Browntggrr to fix his signature!
  15. Glad that they announced the decision. A little surprised it is a generic "future park expansion" that goes along with it instead of something a little more specific - guess I was expecting something along the lines of "exciting new experience in 2014"
  16. And before The Vortex sinking rumor, was the rumor that sinking land was the cause of so many problems with The Bat on that land. Nothing transferred from Magnum - the KI rumor is older than that.
  17. See, and I was pronouncing it "zeezecsee" Which is it
  18. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you had a fun time, as always
  19. Edit to note - replying to the "world without KI" discussion a couple of posts up And you might even have a Kentucky Kingdom, Americana, or a Davey Crockett Land. Without the one, many things would be different.
  20. Must have been Marriott and Six Flags
  21. Just by searching the words of your title, I found hundreds of topics. Do you ever get any results? Might you need some help with search? Here is the main topic that I found: http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/12579-something-old-becomes-new-again-at-kings-island-red-racer-vs-blue-racer-season-pass-processing-2008-entertainment-lineup-halloween-haunt-more/page__pid__206678 Here is another with the exact same title as yours: http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/18624-backwards-racer/page__st__30__p__335550__hl__++backward%20++racer__fromsearch__1#entry335550 Now, be prepared if you bring up an old topic, some people may criticize you for doing that also, so I recommend starting with an admission that it's an old topic but express your interest in new opinions, etc...
  22. Apparently Dominator was closed after an incident on Friday with a rider who was non-responsive. I've not seen further details. http://m.nbc12.com/autojuice?targetUrl=http%3a%2f%2fwww.nbc12.com%2fstory%2f19084224%2fguest-found-unresponsive-on-kings-dominion-ride
  23. That video was posted as a separate topic yesterday. Topic is now gone
  24. In business, ex-works (sometimes shortened to x-works) is a purchasing approach used where the seller has been contracted to build an item (in this case track) and has the responsibility to ensure it is ready to leave from their shop (in this case Batavia), but the buyer has the responsibility for the shipping (planning, logistics, and cost). The alternate approach would be to purchase something delivered. Why you'd do one over the other can be for many reasons including international customs duties, shipment planning, or preference.
  25. Yes Yeah - it seems lately that some posters are trying to create a broad thread for wide ranging topics. It was done by Gordon (and rightly so in my opinion) for SoB because that SBNO coaster has a history on his website of generating many overlapping and hard to moderate discussions. Since then, we've seen it proposed for Soak City, Rumors, Down Rides, and a couple of individual rides. This, unfortunately reminds me of the TPR super topic approach (where all KI is in one thread) - not the path I'd like to see KIC take. With a touch or irony, I'd suggest that those of us who aren't moderators (and/or acting in that capacity with the support of the moderators like Gordon) should probably just focus on adding to existing topics or creating a new one if we have a unique enough topic to start and a search doesn't show the same topic already being discussed.
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