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  1. I'm on my mobile and it's kicking me to their mobile site. I'll have to check later when I'm on the desktop. Sorry.
  2. Tggrr - unfortunately that link goes to an article that doesn't exist, bu it is my recollection/understanding: - the video referenced relates to a case from the 2006 incident - the expert (who worked for the Ohio DoA and investigated that incident) is stating that KI knew of problems but had only done Band Aid fixes between 2000-2006 - I do not believe he is talking about fixes after 2006 which did not have relevance to the case at hand Perhaps If we can find a current link we could confirm.
  3. Twas nice to see so many familiar faces on the show - that rides supervisor sure did get a lot of airtime
  4. I think you missed his point that the park doesn't want that info made available to the GP. Sure it may be possible, but FUN doesn't report individual park attendance, so they likely consider the info privileged. I feel bad for whoever is ext - 3497
  5. Absolutely, if we go as a family, we "reserve" only 1 or 2 chairs with towels. Nothing more frustrating than the bank of 10 chairs that hold towels only all but 10 minutes of a day. It would be nice to have a better system, because there are more than enough chairs for the number of people using them at any given point in time, but I sure as heck can't seem to come up with one.
  6. On Facebook, I've seen a comment that the parking lots were almost full today, with >42,000 people in the park. Seems like a big day as I remember being at a super crowded day a couple of years back that was estimated by some to be 35,000.
  7. Whether we agree with it or not, Fast Lane is a part of the amusement park business model. Most major parks and chains have some sort of system that allows line cutting. Just like most also have premium passes with perks, expensive food and parking, and upcharge attractions or options. Similar to the airline industry where I think the difference in amenities between first and coach class, baggage fees, preferred seat fees, pay per drink/food options, and the like are a little ridiculous, the reality is they are now a base part of the business model so we should get used to them. Does this make airlines and amusement parks greedy - kind of hard to say that when many of the major players in these industries have gone bankrupt and/or struggled financially over the years. If this is part of their plan to make a fair profit and provide a desired service then so be it.
  8. It was even so crowded that they sold out of Fast Lane bracelets today.
  9. While not KI specific, have you tried sit or squat?
  10. KIfan1980

    Late Night

    I'm normally around at about 1am-2am, but since I was in the Bay Area last week, that would have been around 4am-5am. Back home now.
  11. I have found that one can use Facebook to obtain a response from a tourism industry company when no other avenue seemed to be working, however, it is all about how you present yourself, the cause of the frustration, and the approach you take to the situation. In the HW example, it was a rant on top of the complaint filed at he park. It reeked of a guest wanting something for free and not being happy that they weren't getting it,then getting even more upset when they were reminded that the problem occurred because they broke a rule. If you are truly wronged, working with GR and asking for a manager if necessary is the right approach. If not satisfied, you can try letters/Facebook, but be professional about it. None of this matters though if you are just whining that you don't like some rule that the park has.
  12. I have no problem with them counting smaller coasters, but don't they also count Surf Dog? Then again, it's only for advertising so who really cares that much.
  13. You know your zero to SoB comment was mildly amusing the first twenty or so times, but has run its course in my opinion. It is especially annoying now when you are the one bringing up SoB and then using the line. Let it rest.
  14. Having worked on projects that involve significant movement and grading of earth, my belief (guess) is that the additional cost to prep the land for SoB versus Thunderhead and Voyage is in the +$1 Million Range. There also look to be more foundation requirements on SoB and much of it seems to sit higher off the ground (look at how high up the transfer track and station are) which would add to cost versus the others.
  15. Thanks for sharing the details of your story - I find it possible that they are continuing to experiment with Fast Lane and how to make it work best (as they did with the SRL on Diamondback on '09 and '10) One thing that strikes me as odd is that you were told to go to the back of the line. Hadn't you just come through the line - why didn't the attendant just direct you to the blue side versus red? My experience this year is that there has been one line for GP and the new line for Fast Lane, but these meet at the entrance to the station where either line could go to either side. Is it possible you accidentally entered the Fast Lane line?
  16. I thought you weren't going to post in this thread - was that a diversion? On topic - I have enjoyed many coasters others thought were too rough, SoB included (although I don't like AE because it is too jerky - I'm sure there is some irony in that for some). I felt it was a much better ride with loop - without the loop, the ride is just missing something which deflates the experience. I initially wanted to see it reopen, but have come to realize that it is likely in the best interest of the park not too and now beleive official decision made or not, it is only a matter of time before demolition. I continue to read threads on SoB for the humor - whether it be save-SoB fanboy ludicrousness or Browntggrr's brutal reality.
  17. Sorry, I disagree with you on that. Phew - glad we just cleared up that Gator is not a very little person
  18. Small Town, Big City - I guess it comes down to perspective (what are you comparing it against) and definitions (what is dividing line between small, medium, large). Having lived in the ~80,000 population city of Albany, GA - Many would call that an example of small town America. Then again, Cincinnati is considered a small market city from a sports perspective. For reference, Mason has a population of about 30,000 - but bills itself as the largest city in Warren County. I'm not sure I disagree with the assessment of it being a small town - the only issue is that it is so contiguous with the rest of the greater Cincinnati area that it's hard to see it on its own.
  19. I think you are underestimating the work by focusing on the social media (Facebook and YouTube) aspects. I'll state that I'm impressed by the job that is done at both KI and HW from a PR perspective across many media formats. - KI seems to show up in a newspaper article, news report, magazine, school/local event,side of a bus, etc. constantly especially in SW Ohio, but also other part of the state/country. - KI has taken huge steps forward in the social media and web realm over the past few seasons where it used to lag behind a little in my opinion - HW has been a strong social media player for a few years, but also seems to be running an interview for a regional market news show almost daily at the start of each operating season. Bottom line, both parks seem to have very good relationships and images with enthusiasts, the general public, media outlets, and the communities in which they operate. That points to a job well done.
  20. Really? It's time to move on - a coaster that hasnt operated in years and is unlikely to operate again (IMO) is hardly worthy of laying claim to any records.
  21. I guess that rules out Browntggrr - he's shown us in the past that he knows something about almost everything
  22. How about a compliment to Kings Island for their ongoing support of A Kid Again! The park recently hosted the annual event, providing free tickets, parking, and BBQ for many families with severely sick kids. Kudos KI! You may also remember this is the charity that was helped by the Diamondback first rider auction.
  23. What I've learned from prior threads on this topic over the years along with my own experience (others please fill in details and correct errors): - since Beast opened to the public, there have been trim brakes at the four locations: First Drop, Second Hill, Brake Shed (covered straightaway), and Drop into Helix (after second lift hill) - for many years, these were skid brakes which slowed the train via friction interference. They were changed to magnetic brakes which deliver more reliable/consistent speed reduction in shorter distance (this therefore feels more forceful) - Magnetic trims, as added, are designed to slow the train to the same speed as the skid brakes they replaced. However, since skid brakes weren't as consistent (rain, wear, other factors caused them to be less effective) there were likely times that the ride ran faster than it is with the magnetic brakes (people often point to how far up the second lift the train sometimes reached) - Skid brakes on the first drop began as a shorter length, then were extended to almost the full length of the drop before being replaced by the magnetic trims - the brake shed used to have the skid trims and some pinch brakes along with kicker wheels as used on the final brake run/station. This was to enable the train to be stopped/restarted at this point as this was part of the blocking system at one point (although no longer is). Now, the train ahead must be clear of the second lift block before the next train can clear the first lift block (hence the slower first lift speed that some talk about) Searching for Beast blocking and Beast trim brakes may lead to some of the old threads - search wasn't easy on mobile so I'm not doing it right now.
  24. I beleive that mine was Space Mountain at Disney World.
  25. My first ride was opening day 2009. I had been on vacation and was driving back from Missouri that Saturday. Finally pulled into the garage about 4:30pm and immediately headed off to KI hoping to get at least one ride that night. Through the luck of the Single Rider Line (remember that you were given cards to enter that line back then) I got my first ride before 6pm after waiting literally minutes. Got several more rides that night and many more since then. - like the third hill the best - prefer the right hand side seat - love row 2 and row 16 for the different experiences but don't think there is a bad ride on the train
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