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  1. I would say 4 years old is a perfectly fine age to go to KI! True she may not remember it, but it's a poor excuse to not let a child have fun just because they may not remember it. Might as well lock them in their room until they're old enough to remember stuff! I have 2 boys, a 4 year old and a 5 1/2 year old, and we just went last weekend and had a blast. Their first visit was last year and they also had a blast that day. They are pretty brave kids and gave every ride a try. I heard Boo Blasters was going to be scary (they loved scooby last year) but we did it anyway and it was still their favorite ride. The only one that really scared them was Woodstock express (beastie, fairly odd coaster, etc), but that IS a pretty intense ride for kids that young. They weren't emotionaly scarred or anything and they had a good laugh when the ride was over... but that first hill gave them a good scream! They had an awesome day filled with fun rides, meeting characters, watching shows, eating blue ice cream, and seeing the sights - they even enjoyed the view from the Eiffel Tower without any fear at all! Of course they thought they were only 25 feet up. (I told them 300 but they didn't believe me haha) And my final arguement is that kids that young DO remember. My 5 1/2 year old asked if we could ride "the train with the bear", which we hadn't even talked about since he rode it last year yet he remembered the bear on KI&MVRR. And yes there are several rides that have a next to zero thrill factor and are designed for younger children (2-5 yrs). Hope that helps and if you decide to go.. have fun!
  2. that wouldn't be so bad.. Sam's Cola still only 25 cents a can? They'd probably add 20 new rides that would all break after running once or twice.
  3. I read this in today's questions. I felt the need to respond to it then and there, but thought my repsonse was better suited in a discussion forum rather than a Q&A. Not sure if the person that asked this is a KICer, but if so then I'm not trying to knock him or argue.. just wanted to add an apposing view. I'm 6'4" and I would agree Vortex's trains aren't comfortable for tall people. Though I think FOF is way worse.. i can barely squeeze into those seats and the restraint makes it impossible for me to sit up straight. But i'd say it's an exaggeration to say Vortex's seats are "very painful". Maybe if you're taller than I am because I know at my height i just fit and am glad I'm not any taller. I try to sit in the front seat of any of the cars (odd # rows) you'll get more leg room than in the even # rows. And finally the amount of money it would cost to buy new trains for Vortex could be used for rides with worse problems (like flight deck needing paint and SoB needing to run again).
  4. And Firehawk apparantly opened in 2007 as well as 1997 haha. oh well. i'm sure they'll fix the little things in time.
  5. Love the "history" section in all of the ride details. There's some interesting stuff in there. New site is awesome. Yes sad to see no SoB on the park map, but it's not like it's a big shock to anyone.
  6. I know what you mean about the FoF line going fast but seeming slow. I think it's because you're trapped in that building and can't see or hear the park around you so it's boring. I guess the first time waiting was cool, but after that the theming, though still pretty awesome, just isn't quite as interesting anymore. And omg when the ac is'nt on in there it's a miserable wait. But very worth it. I've waited in that hot building for 45 min to ride it and i'd do it again!
  7. 2009 opening day was pretty packed, but still totally worth it. Of course the large crowd was mainly due to Diamondback. For the first few hours wait times weren't bad, but it got pretty busy in the afternoon. So this year without there being a brand new thrill ride I would imagine opening day won't be too crowded. The newly rethemed Planet Snoopy just might attract a big crowd opening day. Again, yes, weather plays a huge role. If it's a warm, sunny day then expect atleast 30-60 min waits for most attractions. If it's cold and/or raining expect little to no wait time. But even long lines for some of the rides go quick - Diamondback, Vortex, Flight of Fear, The Beast, The Racer and BLSC all have a high hourly capacity. I'm personally going to wait to take advantage of the early ride time. Since I can't make it opening day my options are 2nd or 3rd weekend, so it's worth it to me to wait an extra week. It's so awesome to ride Diamondback several times in a row before the park opens to the public. On a day with a 30 min ERT I can easily get 6 or 7 rides on DB including a short break or two. Could shoot for 10 if you go non stop! hope that helps.
  8. good idea worst smell: random sewage odors in various spots in the park worst sight: people wearing skimpy clothing, i.e. bellies hanging out, plumber crack, etc worst touch: sitting in a seat on a dry ride that some soaking wet person just sat in worst taste: coaster corn worst sound: a group of pre-teen girls sitting behind you on a ride and SCREAMING in unison
  9. first of all... coaster corn? that's epic. and I've never had the displeasure of trying coaster corn. But now I'll definitely try keeping my mouth closed as much as possible on rides! I could see this becoming a new trend. Instead of hearing screams as trains descend a hill you'll hear "mmmmmmmmmmm"
  10. off ride: screams -- not in a demented way -- well ok sorta on ride: the sound the air makes whipping past my ears... when you can hear how fast you're going. especially on Diamondback!
  11. I see.. personally I don't understand why people go to such great lengths to try to skip a line. I don't think I'm better than anyone else, so I wait my turn. Unless I feel I've paid my dues to get special treatment... ERT makes that few extra bucks for the gold pass soooooo worth it. And getting back to topic... Anyone know of KI banning a repeat trouble maker? Which I'm sure is not entirely possible. Or how about a season pass being revoked from someone that was kicked out?
  12. I don't get it... they have a system that allows anyone to hold a spot in a line, a line in which they are not waiting, and it's free and available to everyone? So, in theory, if everyone took advantage of this at the same time then no one would have to wait in line? Or am I missing something? If the answer is as complicated as I suspect please feel free to move on with your life and ignore me
  13. haha that's great. Tiger said "you aint stealing MY christmas you old grinch!" Speaking of fun holidy videos... elfyourself.jibjab.com is always fun. they have some pretty good ones this year.
  14. I've never been afraid of heights. One of my favorite activities as a kid was to climb trees and my goal was to find the biggest tree and climb as high as I could. I'm a utility worker, so I do a lot of latter climbing and boom lift operating 20 to 40 feet up. I have no fear of heights on any coaster or on Eiffel Tower. But there's something about Drop Tower that gives me a great big scare haha. Going up is fun and I love the view at the top.. plus the thrill of being that high up in chair in the open wind is awesome. I think the fear comes in the falling part. So I'm not afraid of heights, but I'm scared to death of falling. If Drop Tower went down as slowly as it went up I'd have no fear on it, but wheres the fun in that?! If the day comes that DB has lost its thrill, then I can always count on Drop Tower to scare the bejesus out of me!
  15. If I paid that much money for a hotel room I wouldn't want to walk out and see the pool and water slides packed full of people that paid 10 bucks to get in. Especially since there's 2 water parks nearby.
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