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  1. The move is pure marketing genius. He betrayed Cleveland, fans torched his Cavs jersey. He returns, everyone buys the jersey once again.
  2. I was not aware to a fire on Outlaw Run. I am assuming that it was during construction?
  3. Wooden coaster with inversions? I rode Outlaw Run, fantastic. Maybe a Gravity Group woody??
  4. I am going to make this brief. My Wife talked me into trip to see one of her friends. I wasn't really excited about going, but she told me that her friends have a place in Branson. Silver Dollar City was her way to convince me to go (didn't have to try too hard) It was cool and rainy on a Tuesday, we went after 3 pm.. First ride was Thunderation, great coaster. Then onto Outlaw Run We went 3 times in a row. Front, middle, then back. Loved it!! Then we took a spin on Wildfire another great ride. Rode a SS swing ride, can't remember the name. Went back the next day and rode all the coasters several more times, lines not too bad. Maximum wait was thirty minutes. Caught a few more laps on Outlaw Run, rode it seven times total. Park reminds me of Dollywood, to a certain degree. I think they found a way to make a "somewhat" of a smooth, wooden rollercoaster with inversions. Great trip, maybe next time my wife wouldn't have to twist my arm. Sorry for any errors, first time posting from my Kindle Fire.
  5. So, someone had to make that decision, not to follow RCCA recommendations and design (by cutting corners) Is that known, or was it done as a collaboration?
  6. Wow!! I am confused. So, RCCA designed, KI fired them and built it "in house", cut corners, and did NOT follow all ride designs as recommended by RCCA? Did I get that right? If so, why? Why sink a ton of money into something to just cut corners? BAD MOVE KI
  7. I was wondering, does anyone think Cedar Fair would ever consider a wooden looping coaster (Outlaw Run) at one of the parks? I had no problem with Son of Beast, but I understand there were maintenance issues as was a lawsuit concerning the ride itself. With the advancement in technology and a few looping coasters that seem to be OK. I have not had the chance to ride a coaster like Outlaw Run or Hades 360. That being said, I cannot have a real opinion yet. (I know that the Gravity Group worked on Hades) Maybe only time will tell, if this new ride idea will really work and remain safe. Son of Beast had a vertical loop, and the other two looping coasters seem to have a more of a heartline roll. Will this be a major "game changer" for the future of looping wooden coasters? I would love your guys opinion. It would not hurt my feelings, if KI or Cedar Point considered a looping (RMC) wooden coaster in the near future.
  8. I love that model. I wish that I could build something like that. I have little or no talent, when it comes to making a model from scratch, let alone a working model.
  9. Big Dipper, Camden Park (Huntington, WV) I am guessing that I was about 8 or 9 years old
  10. Love the topic. What is the oldest and still operating ride at Kings Island? Part two, Not a ride brought over from Coney Island I really don't know and I did not do any research.
  11. I like the idea of the use of "The Bat" as a re theme for the attraction. The classic look of those fun coaster trains. Will it happen, maybe.....maybe not? We shall see
  12. I have not been on Gatekeeper, (restraints are rough?) Wild Eagle did not bother me, and are the restraints the same on Gatekeeper as W Eagle? If B&M have similar restraints to Raptor, these are not uncomfortable to me either Just asking.
  13. I have mentioned this in another post. Flat rides, How about Rotor, Bayern Kurve, Der Spinner Kegger.
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