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  1. I guess all the rides in Nick Central are going to be renamed-rethemed. I'm not sure if I agree that children identify with the Peanuts Gang and Snoopy, as they do with Nickelodeon. My 9 year old knows of snoopy, but Spongebob and other character are more widely known and popular. Heck why don't we go back to Hanna-Barberra Land and really confuse the little boogers(LOL) Just kidding. Enchanted Voyage was the best of the rides, when it was a slow water ride going thru a giant TV into cartoon land. That is my fondest memory of KI as a child. One more ride they need to bring back is the B
  2. I attended KD in June and I agree, KD's version is much better. KI's is not worth the time. I waited one hour for that crap they call a thrill ride. Sorry to be harsh KI fans, but go to the park and ride a a Top Spin that is programed the right way. Theme,music,thrills ect. What more could one expect except "LOTS OF FIRE" and Kings Dominion delivers.
  3. 70 coasters so far, I hope to add more each summer, I try to add a new park each year. Six Flags over Georgia sound good for next year? Any comments appreciated. Thanks.
  4. I have a height issue. Some days I can ride Delirium and sometimes not. It depends on the ride operators that day. The first year the ride was open, I rode it early in the day, only to be told in the evening I was too tall to ride so what gives? If it is a problem with my feet dragging or so, I could understand but, I don't even come close. If it is a danger for me to ride the how come every few times I try to ride I'm told that I'm too tall, and other times I am not even given a glance. By the way I am 6'4 1/2" tall. Ride manufacture restrictions should be enforced both ways.
  5. Something to add, I read some of your comments on flat rides, My best friend could do any coaster with the best of them but, a maeer-go-round would make him sick at his stomach. He said he could do a coaster with 10 loops but, no spinning rides. This puzzles me to no end but, thats just him.
  6. One of my favorite flat rides was the Buyren curve(sorry probably spelled wrong) Rotor. I agree with the idea of a Haunted house.
  7. Sorry to hear that man, I did not notice any mention of your body size. I am 6'4 and 270 lbs. Last year I went to Cedar Point and had no problem with the M. Force but, I could not ride Dragster. The problem didn't even anything to do with my belly/stomach. My hips were just too wide, I was 1 inch from buckling my belt so... you never know. I fit in DB just fine with no problems at all.
  8. Last summer I stayed at Breakers Express, it is about 1 mile from park. Rooms were clean and comfortable. I went in the first of June and I had a package of room, 2 starlight tickets, 2 one day tickets, breakfast coupon for each day, parking pass (big savings) and Ert one hour early to park. Very reasonable priced packages. I think I payed 150.00 for my half. I can't remember though. The rides to do is ALL COASTERS, Max Air, Sky Hawk plus a must ride is Cedar Downs (I think thats the name) it is a merry-go-round on sterroids. Good luck, have fun and drive safely PLEASE. P.S. everyone
  9. When I was at the park the line moved way too slow. It seemed to me that it is inexperienced ride ops. When it was at Geauga Lake the ride ran smoother, for example: When a train was hitting the final brake run, another train was heading out of the load station. Like clock work. At KI there are always both trains in the station just sitting there with slow ride ops. They act like they have never done this job before.(Maybe they haven't) I do understand that the ride is more complex than, lets say The Beast, with a simple seatbelt and lap bar but it needs to run smoother and faster.
  11. Everyone is feeling the pinch, I was at Kings Dominion on a Monday-Tuesday in June but, when I went up the Eifel Tower, the employee parking lot had more spaces filled than the visitors lot. I know the Day was a tuesday and the second week of June but, I was expecting more. Btw we had almost no lines for any of the rides. Volano had the longest line at 40 min. and that was just the one time, the next few times we rode were 10-15 min. Of course I had a great time but the park was real low in attendance and the weather was very nice.
  12. Screamin' Demon. Man, I'm old too. The demon was the best, also got to ride it a Camden Park after the move.
  13. Hey guys, I a going to KD in early June, and thought about shooting over to BGW, Is there a twilight ticket? Also is there any places like Krogers, or any other stores/restaurants for discount tickets to KD. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Thunderbeast1968.
  14. I was there on Sunday may 24. I did not have too much problems except, the single riders line at Diamondback. There were clearly groups of people in this line that were together, trying to get a ride with a shorter wait. There was a family of 6 in front of me riding in groups of 2. As the line went on ride ops were puting groups of 2 from the single riders line. This makes no sense. WHen I got to the front of the line the ride ops pointed to me and said "single rider, row 13 please" Which was fine with me but, like I said groups of 2 were being sitted from the single riders line??????
  15. My trip was not too bad, I am going to make just a few bullet points. 1. DB was really good, lots of airtime, if you relax yourself. 2. I'm 6'4" and my feet barely touched the DB floor. Like I said relax your legs, and it kind of did feel like a floorless. 3. The Crypt, waited 1/2 hour. Big waste of time, 2 flips upside down. It takes longer to load and unload the the actual ride cycle. Bulldoze this piece of garbage. 4. Rode SOB 1st time since loop removal and new trains, I love this coaster but, Just like other peoples comments, It is a one ride only for me. Did not car
  16. I was also there yesterday, and several people were asking for the front seat. Some ride were allowing it and most were not. I have another small comment, I was in the single rider only line (by myself) of course and there were groups of people in front of me trying to get on as single riders. WHen the ride op was asking How many riders? The people in front of me were like 2. Well im sorry, If you were with someone and they clearly were, the they should of not been on the single riders only line. There was a family of six in front of me all together. This should not be allowed(and they
  17. I am going to KD on June 15-16. I have never been before. I found a hotel in walking distance for just 80.00 a night. Any trip tips or comments? I am excited for Volcano and a ride on Doninator, post Geauga Lake days. Also how are the woodies at KD?
  18. I know that I am late in this conversation but, I had similar plans for a coaster trip this year. Any additional info for Kings dominion would be appreciated. I also thought about a trip to Holiday World and then a side trip to Beech Bend. I am from southern ohio, so I am about 3 hrs from KI which I already have plans for in July. THANKS THUNDERBEAST.
  19. 3 1/2 hrs for The Beast at night with the local college guys drunk chanting BRING ON The Beast
  20. The Beast at night is my favorite. Several years ago I rode The Beast around 10 p.m. right after a brief rain. The weather had been warm that day so it was extremely foggy, we could only see about 5-10 feet in front of the train and we were in the front seat, that was my favorite Beast memory.
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