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  1. Sad to see the park in that condition. I never got to visit.
  2. I will NOT get exhausted before the ride starts. Just saying
  3. Dare-to-fly. I think we can make this happen. I used to have my friends dizzy on Der Spinner Kegger (KI's ) before the ride even started.
  4. I was on the left hand side of the train, I touched the tips of my fingers on The Beast's tunnel. I thought that I broke a finger or two. I am 6'4" and have a long reach. Btw: it stung for 20-30 mins. I guess that I was lucky.
  5. Just let me know when you'll be there, and I'll be glad to give you one ride on Lemon Twist. I limit myself one ride a day - my arms and fingers are really, REALLY sore after a ride on it. Plus, I end up exhausted! Just to be fore-warned, I am 6'4 270 with a lot of upper body strength. Just sayin'. LOL
  6. Dare-to-fly. So Lemon Twist is one not to miss?? I will be there on the second week of June, I might need a ride partner, I hear you can quite a "spin" on it, maybe rumors?
  7. What is "The List" ? I am not local and cannot find it on DirecTv You should find it. I have DirecTV and it shows up. Edit: I just looked the show up. It's really strange. It's only in certain cities. Never heard of something like that before! I just did a search, and nothing. I live in southern Ohio (3 hrs from Cincy)
  8. What is "The List" ? I am not local and cannot find it on DirecTv
  9. I tend to like the smaller parks, so I can take my time and wander through the park. That is what I enjoyed last year attending Holiday World. My party was not in a rush and we just sat back and "people watched" When I hit Cedar Point or Kings Island, I tend to rush and get all the attractions in, but as I get older I have learned to just enjoy the atmosphere of the park.
  10. I was told by a good friend to hit the coasters at the back of the park, then work forward. He said "Coasters at the front of the park fill quickly"
  11. I might try to search a hotel/ticket bundle. Thanks for the information.
  12. Thanks for all of the tips. I plan a trip in early June, and hope the crowds aren't too big. My trip is Holiday World and then onto Dollywood. I absolutely love HW. Is there discount tickets or coupons for Dollywood?
  13. I am heading to Dollywood in the summer of 2013. Does anyone have any trip tips? Where to find discount tickets (coupons ect.) I have been to the Pigeon Forge area and the surrounding towns. Any attractions or restaurants to be sure not to miss at Dollywood? I am looking for tips for this summer. Thank you guys very much.
  14. Thank you for posting those beautiful pictures. Looks like it might of been a lot of fun.
  15. I think moving Big Dipper from Geauga Lake would be an addition that I would love to see at Kings Island.
  16. Sorry if this question has already been asked, but I did not read all 37 pages of the topic. What coasters are left standing, and what shape are most of the rides in? Maybe a hard question to answer without doing a walk thru, with inspection of all of the attractions.
  17. We really don't know if the park is not being consistent.The easiest: we really do not know if the person in question is being honest about being on the ride before. I know that parks I visit often during the year the ride ops get to know me by face. Given this person's unfortunate condition, he would be even more recognizable. I have no way of understanding his frustration given how capable he is, but to be consistent, certain criteria needs to be met. He does not. This is an issue that will never go away. Ride manufacturers cannot design rides for every handicap and still ma I wish they co
  18. I think the park should be consistant with its policy, whatever that may be? I have rode Delerium several times and at several visits to the park. Then at another attempt to ride, I was told that I was too tall. I am 6'4" I told the ride operator, that I did not have a problem in the past, (I am 44, not like I am growing) My problem is they need to be consistant. If upon the very first time of riding, the ride operators they tell me "you are too tall to ride" fine, I don't have an issue, but to let me ride earlier in that day, without an issue, made me mad. When I ride now, I take off m
  19. For an inverted, I choose Alpengeist. If I am to select one ride, it would be The Voyage from Holiday World.
  20. I noticed vibrations on Dominator, during the inter-locking corkscrew. The vibrations seemed to be different when the coaster was at Kings Dominion as to Geauga Lake. I honestly think it is a wheel combination rather than what park it was located.
  21. Just a rumor. I heard that Dippin' Dots is to be removed from Kings Island. Where are we gonna get our "inside" info from?? I am just kidding guys, don't take me seriously. I just noticed that KIC members refer to "The Dippin' Dots" guy for their rumors.
  22. I went in the first week of June. Try Tues, Wed, or Thurs. We went on a Tues, Wed. Went to the back of the park on day two, hopefully to get an early ride on Volcano. It and other rides towards the back of the park didn't open until 11:00. Volcano, BLSC and Flight of Fear.
  23. I enjoyed Kings Dominion. I stayed at a hotel across the street (I think behind Burger King) It was fairly new and OK. Do ride Volcano, Dominator, Grizzly, and Avalanche. Flat rides, kinda liked Berzerker (inverter ship) and Tomb Raider. This version is how I imagined how KI's should be more like.
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