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  1. I don't recall the MCBR to have the trains come to a crawl. I think it takes away from the ride experience. Was Flight of Fear's breaks that bad to slow you down that much? I'm sure there a thread started somewhere that covers this topic.
  2. My most memorable KI trip. My brother and I took a trip to "The Island" on my birthday June 6th, several years ago. The lines were mostly "walk-on" and we literally grabbed 6 rides (each) Beast, Vortex, SOB (rip) Flight of Fear, Racer, 3 laps (each) on Adventure Express, and Flight Deck, and Face/Off. Sorry, I don't recall the year, and coaster names may have been different at that time.
  3. I too was fortunate to get to experience The Bat roller coaster. I took 3 laps on it before I returned to find out it had been closed.
  4. The Voyage is one of my favorite wooden coasters ever (Raven and The Legend not bad either) Would love to see Gravity Group put in a amazing ride.
  5. I do not count that either. Has anyone rode The Beast before the double-helix finale had a tunnel?
  6. Gravity Group coaster is my vote (not that anyone asked) I took my first trip to Holiday World this past summer. The Voyage is totally amazing. Kings Island need to get them on board for an amazing ride experience.
  7. My first trip to Busch Gardens, I really wanted to ride Drachen Fire, I believe that I saw the coaster on a Travel Channel special. We arrived at the park to discover that DF is closed down. I believe it was 1998, but Alpengeist was a new attraction that blew me away. I absolutely love this coaster, the theme is really cool. Nice invert style coaster. I think that I recall riding the train, and seeing Drachen Fire sitting there (looking fairly new) and thought "what a shame, it looks fun"
  8. So, the other day I was watching a video of Drachen Fire, and wondering what happened? Rough ride, uncomfortable trains? I went to Busch Gardens and the coaster was basically new, but not open. Did the park get reimbursed for this coaster? The video I watched, looked like it might of been a fun coaster. Anyone get a chance to ride it?
  9. On a early summer weekday, my brother and I rode it at night, three times in a row. With no one in line or board our train, we asked the ride ops if we could just stay on for another lap. He stated that they wanted us to unload and go all the way back through the que line, so we could get a small break in between riding. So basically they were telling us that it is too rough to let my brother and I not to get a small rest in between laps on SOB. Btw, they let me do the exact same thing on Beast one year (without physically getting off the ride)
  10. I work in the surgery department, and we are trialing a new memory foam pad. It will be placed basically from the buttocks and up to the head. They are for one time use (as you can imagine) but, it is used for patients that are going to be in surgery for an extended period of time, or if the patient will be in an unusual position. I thought the usage for a coaster train seat (covered, of course) would make for a more comfortable ride experience.
  11. That list was great. Thanks, I found one mistake, it mentioned Led Zeppelin at Freestyle. Is that a B&M coaster?
  12. I wonder how many Arrow coasters are still operating around the world? How many parts are being made for upkeep on these rides? I would imagine maybe quite a few
  13. About being a bad ride experience due to the height of the rider. I am 6'4" and around 250 lbs. I have no trouble riding Vortex, providing I ride the front seat of the coaster car. My trouble seems to be Adventure Express. I usually turn my legs a little to the side to give me a little extra room. Has anyone taken a spin on Cedar Creek Mine Ride, with the extra coaster train from Gemini? (I read an article that Cedar Point was testing this idea) Did it every happen? Just curious.
  14. Because they are...a....complex. Why do you park in a driveway, and drive on a parkway?
  15. I know it might be a fantasy. I would love a great Gravity Group coaster in the spot of SOB.
  16. I am not from the Cincinnati area, but I made it once this past summer. To my dismay Diamondback was closed (first week of June) Does anyone know really what the issue was? I heard something in the line of concrete footers. Were they crumbling, or did they just not meet the park and/or construction guidelines? I am sad to see SOB to go, but I am excited about what may be on the horizon. (Probably won't happen) I would love to see a Gravity Group woodie in that spot. Besides a trip to KI, I also made a trip to Holiday World. I really enjoyed the park, the "overly" friendly staff ruined me
  17. What a waste of lumber. I am sad to see it go. RIP SOB
  18. I have no idea what a "new" coaster train costs these days. I sure know they are more than likely a pretty big cost. It is just a fantasy to have new coaster trains.
  19. Vekoma trains on Ninja at Six Flags Over Georgia were truly wretched and recently replaced by the NJ Great American Scream Machine Arrow trains. Vekoma makes a more recent version without horsecollar restraints, though. Is there any other companies that could make a better coaster train?
  20. I agree, the front row of any Vortex car seems better for me too. I am 6'5" and the little extra leg room serves me well. My opinion is that, I think the ride is rougher as the years go by. It is only my opinion. Just another thought, would the coaster bode better if it received new coaster trains? Maybe some Vekoma trains?
  21. Thank you for posting. Reminds me of my childhood at my hometown park of Camden Park.
  22. So far the only place they have officially uploaded demolition photos is their blog called "The Inside Track" which can be found here...... http://www.visitking...at-Kings-Island I know it had to go, but that is a very sad sight. RIP SOB
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