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  1. I thought I was the only one who did that, why is it that I only do that on this ride (BLSC)?
  2. We went on memorial day and ate at the restaurant by The Vortex. They had fruit salad and it was the freshest fruit I have had in a long time. The pineapple was the best.
  3. Amber

    A Compliment

    I agree, The Beast crew are amazing. The are very entertaining and do not put up with most of the BS. One night while the fireworks were going off, my 8yr old daughter and I were in line for the second seat so we could not see the fireworks. A blonde female ride op gave a very animated description of each firework going off. It was hilarious and my daughter loved her enthusiasm.
  4. I went on May 1st, it was math & science day then and it wasn't very crowded at all. We were there from 10:30am - 3:30pm and rode every coaster except FOF. We rode DB 4 times with a less than 10 minute wait each time and road most of the other coasters twice. When even took a 30 minutes lunch break. My dad and I are planning to go tomorrow also, its his forst time to ride DB!! So excited to see his face.
  5. My daughter & I decided to go to KI today and was that a great decision or what. Below is a list of our rides from 6:00pm - 10:20pm. The longest we waited for anything was 5 or 10 minutes. Avatar - 1 ride Beast - 5 rides Backlot Stunt - 1 ride Shake Rattle Roll - 2 rides Zephyr - 2 rides Monster - 1 ride Red Racer - 2 rides Flight Deck - 2 rides Adventure Express - 4 rides Sorry there's no pics, I need to get an inexpensive camera to take with me to KI, I would be devastated if I broke the one I have now. My husband and I are going this coming Friday 5/1 and I will fi
  6. I chose the coolangatta racer. I like to race with my kids and hope they win to see the looks on there faces when they beat me. They get so excited.
  7. My 5 yr old son and I rode shake rattle & roll and noticed Vortex squaking during the corq screw (SP?) Also The Beast squeaked alot also. I was in the front seat of the 3rd car at about 9:45am.
  8. I'm glad you had a great time. Both of my kids have been talking about Kings Island since we bought our passes about a month or so ago. Because of the Diamondback frenzy, most of the other ride lines were relatively short. We only waited about 25 minutes for the "Beast" which was much smoother than before. We walked onto The Racers and only waited about 15 minutes for Adventure Express. This was my 8yr olds first time riding "big" roller coasters and she had a blast. "She" is already planning our next trip.
  9. I want one of the very back seats or one of the seats in the second row.
  10. Sometimes it takes the webcam a minute to come up on my screen. I usually just open another window and keep checking it.
  11. I caught myself laughing and moving with the train while watching the POV, ha ha. The lady in the front seat was cracking me up. She wanted to keep her hands up, but fear kept bringing them down. There were alot of people on the ride???
  12. The train is still in the same spot on the lift hill as earlier? I would attach a pic but can't figure out how?
  13. 1) Avatar 2) TG93 3) VortexJunkie 4) Diamondback FOF 5) Goofywdw 6) Ki4life08 7) Beast1979 8) dare-to-fly 9) The Beast Rider 10) coasterguy15 11) Raptor 12)markhudson17 13)need_for_speed 14)wide_load 15) Bravo4460 16) AgentSoB (at about 5:00 have to freakin work ) 17) Amber ( and family )
  14. I cant wait, I am so excited. I was just wandering if anyone was as excited as me to ride in the last seat!!! My husband thinks I am crazy because Diamondback and opening day is all I talk about. I have my kids counting down the days as well.
  15. From a few other post on the Diamondback discussion thread, yes 1 hour ERT's for The Beast and Diamondback on opening day. You could visit the parks website to confirm. http://visitkingsisland.com/events/events.cfm?ec_id=27 Scroll down to the ERT times
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