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  1. Ahhh come on I wanted a spaghetti coaster with meatball trains and track made out of noodles lol. Don't see an issue except great advertisement for Kraft Mac n Cheese, just like the cars and lawn equipment we see from time to time. Wasn't there above ground pools advertisement set up by The Beast years ago
  2. This Beast will be celebrating his 35th Birthday on Sunday May 18th all is welcomed to tag along with me, I'm planning on starting off my day on The Beast. Just message me
  3. Banshee being my second Invert I have ever ridden my mind was blown by how fast paced the course is laid out, it's just ground sky ground sky over and over turn and burn than breakrun! I unfortunately only got to ride it once so far during Media day since I had to get to my grown up job by 6:55am. I can't wait to ride it during daylight! I was also surprised by the awesome give aways for Media Day!
  4. I really like FUNTV with the trivia and music videos! Once ki goes full bore seven day operations I would like to see a FUNTV host where they go around and do live feed interviews and small prize trivia!
  5. I'm waiting patiently to see if I get the chance to get hired back on at ki before I purchase this great plan, but as soon as I get some overtime I'm going to get it for the kids!
  6. $750,000 to $1 million? Funny, unless the price of wheels gone up I really don't see that being a real number
  7. Do you know if Tower and FoF are still connected like that? Not sure what the did but they corrected the issue.
  8. I have so many good experiences on FOF. I remember my first ride back in 1996, waited 3 hours with my dad. After the launch I remember my dad kept on saying are we upside down. 1997 was my first season working in rides, started off the season working Vikings Fury and Skylab after Skylab bite the dust I ended up bouncing from ride to ride then in July I transferred to FOF. Returned to FOF for the 1998 season then started off 1999 on Face/Off but before the end of the preseason I ended up back on FOF and trained their crew while the ride didn't have Supervisors, hoping this would give me the opportunity to become a Sup I ended up training the new Sups then sent back to Face/off, by mid summer I transferred to Skyflyer. 2000 Face/Off Skyflyer teamed up and I stayed on till the end of 2001 and only worked on FOF a hand full of times after. Don't know if a lot of you remember during the 99 season Drop Tower opened late, we found out that if FOF launched at the same time Drop Tower was pulling up through the magnates it would blow the power out of half the park eeeeh. I'll never forget having to run up to the Mid course brakes to yell up to the riders stranded on the ride and that was before the evacuation platforms. Once they discovered this they installed a direct line between Drop Tower and FOF and we called it The Bat phone and had to call before every launch to ensure it was ok to go ahead lol. 2002 I started working on Mech 2 rides maintenance and during the off season between 02 and 03 I got to hang around FOF torquing bolts and climbing all over it looking for stress cracks in the welds! While in rides maintenance I got to operate the ride when they had staff shortages and during Fear Fest "Halloween Haunt".
  9. Shell shocked, Keith - KIfan1980 always had a smile on his face, very intellegent I'll never forget him standing up and speaking out at Mason's city council against Mason's tax on Kings Island. Praying for his family, wife and two boys...
  10. I love them both! I got the first book when it first came out back in the 90's.
  11. My wife and I went through the whole setup, they promised a free vacation for two for a cruise. It's like a time share but you have to pay a yearly membership to get vacation deals that we couldn't afford so we were sweeped away out of the room and was told we still have the free cruise and only thing we have to pay for is port fees and taxes which had to be paid for within 90 days when we booked the cruise. Not even a week later we get a phone call saying that we must pay now and not like they said before and of course couldn't afford it so we lost are chances on the cruise.
  12. I worked Maintenance on Skytours during the 02 and 03 seasons than I put new graphics on the copters while working with Creative Environs spring of 06.
  13. Wow ki one year before I started working there! Viking Fury and Skylab was the first two rides I operated, sadly Skylab went down that year then I went to Outer Limits since they had to cut our crew in half.
  14. I still have the same news paper article some where, I do remember Top Gun being that packed and also waiting full queue!
  15. Just look at the gravel road between The Beast and Vortex and you can clearly see why the water was removed.
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