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  1. He did betray them..... He wanted and made his little own show for national tv to make his choice! Who does that? He knew he was picking the Heat. No reason to rub it in a cities face. And yes he is the one who went to ESPN about it. They didn't go to him. He is a stuck up guy who actually doesn't do a lot for the community. Look things up there is a lot of things that he is done that will change your mind about him.. He's not a professional at all.. Hate him and if Cedar Point names a coaster after him they should probably name it "The Flop King" I'm done here. Haha
  2. Me and my friends drove 5 hours from Indiana Friday night and got a Hotel.. We already bought our tickets and Fast Lane passes.... We get there around exactly 10 line isn't to long yet but they are telling everyone at the parking hate that park is closed We first thought it was a joke because ERT riders were in the park riding the coasters! We thought hey maybe they are joking and it's just free parking today! Well when we get to the main gates they were all closed and they were having people get in the ticket lines. Our hearts dropped!! Cedar Point refunded all of our tickets/fast passes
  3. wow... it's finally over.. i dont see them putting anything therefor atleast a couple years.. kinda sad but excited for the future
  4. yeah i think they should renew pki because it is simple and easy to type. less chance of a (tye ping) error for me!!
  5. i would love for flightdeck to have floorless trains
  6. The Racer was my first "big" coaster
  7. veryyy truee. you can go at 9:30 pm and still nto be to late if your watning to ride a ride or 2
  8. well they could just be doin it for the children to. but im sure money is a part of it yes.
  9. i mean its alot of memories for little kids. and besides you dont need to sell alot of tickets for it anyway. i mean its not like CF loses alot of money doing it
  10. I'm not a fan of trim brakes, but what if there were none on Maverick at Cedar Point.. I can not begin to imagine how violent a trimless Mav would be, and I'm not sure I'd want to know. It would be awesome! Are you kidding?!? yesss it would be awesome agreed.! it would make the ride so much thrilling
  11. personally i dont enjoy flight deck as much I used to. It just doesnt excte me anymore. just my opinion
  12. this is a very photogenic thing at Kings Island! it looks great!
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