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  1. By the time I got there the line was out & around by Larosa'a Pizza... How long of a wait was that?
  2. Head to "Beast" if SOB isn't open then I might check out DB but that ride will probably be so packed, like last year on opening day, 4hour wait, nope, not for me!!! Then check out Planet Snoopy...
  3. couldn't get the pic of the snow covered SD&HC. I know this is an old post but come across it playing around, looking for different things. Anyone have any pics of snow covered KI??? Show em please...
  4. I've had the same card for 4 years...
  5. Nice Pic!!! There was a pic on here a couple weeks ago with snow covered racer, that was a very good one! Hope more pics of different things in the park can be posted as it will be snow covered.... So pretty!!!
  6. seen this pic... sure wish they would put a cam up to show the whole park.
  7. Front seat on Beast right now... Oh Yeah!!!! Count me in!
  8. Son of Beast 9(day) 10(night) Beast 9 (day) 10 (night) Racer 8 Diamondback 8 Vortex 7 BLSC 7 AE 7 Invertigo 8 FOF 8 (dark) 9 (with lights)
  9. # 2 here... I sure miss SOB!!! I will ride the Crypt from time to time but I can do w/o it. Of course if it was between SOB or Crypt, don't spend no more money on Crypt & spend that money for SOB to get it in good riding condition since there have been so many lawsuits over it...
  10. Hoping they would put a cam up for over the entire park. I would like to see it all, when it gets snow covered this winter. I can imagine it would look really pretty...
  11. where are they storing them at?
  12. Great Job!!! Happy Halloween!!!!
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