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  1. This sounds like a blast! I am definitely going. Gay pride at Kings Island would be a blast!
  2. Not to stand stalkerish but I saw you a lot of times, Giga. XD From 430 onward my sister and I just kept getting in line for Diamondback and I thought it was funny when you jumped for joy when you got first seat. I had my Diamondback First Rider shirt on and I was usually a few groups back in the line. Oh and the park from 10-3 was kind of packed because the coasters only had 1 train on them, so it was making the lines go very very very slow Luckily I rode The Beast when there was almost nobody in line because that's a 5 minute wait for the train to come back!
  3. I was one of the ones stuck on Drop Tower! At first I was a little creeped out and panicking but after a while it really wasn't too bad. It was weird because it felt like the whole park was watching me. I thought it was way too crowded yesterday, though. And the wait was only about 30 minutes, maybe a little less.
  4. Very nice photos! I love the first one the best!
  5. My 7 seems so small >_< But the next time I go back down with my sister we should get in 10 or more rides
  6. Hahaha, very clever But yeah, I have rode backseat and I didn't enjoy it that much, I didn't like the feeling of being pulled down the hills.
  7. Do the artists have a bunch of merchendise on sale? And do you get to meet them afterwards? I am going just to see Family Force 5!
  8. Wow I only have 7 I can't convince my sister to just ride Diamondback over and over again!
  9. Tuesdays and Wednesdays have always been okay for me. In June on those days it's usually 15 minute waits or less, but by the time July rolls around it's 30 minute waits or less.
  10. I like to go in this order: Son of Beast Flight Deck Drop Tower Invertigo Delirium Diamondback (At least 2 times for now) The Crypt The Beast Backlot Stunt Coaster Vortex Flight of Fear Firehawk The Racer Diamondback (As many times as possible)
  11. Sounds like you had a lot of fun I was there yesterday and was trying to look for familiar faces, but didn't see any I was frustrated because almost every ride I was in line for had a technical difficulty right when I was about to ride, so it took an additional 10 minutes for them to fix it.
  12. Sounds like you and everyone else had a blast! Unfortunately when I went yesterday their were 45 minute waits for almost everything, except Diamondback of course I think it would be cool to meet up with some you guys sometime. I have a great sense of humor and I'm also a coaster fanatic!
  13. I'm going the 28th, too! Me and my sister are going for my Birthday and I hope that lines will be 15-30 minutes or less. What do you guys think?
  14. I have only been to King's Island and Cedar Point, but I desperately want to go to others! 1. King's Island 2. Cedar Point King's Island barely beats Cedar Point and it has more of a "home" feel to me
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