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  1. Totally random under rated things in the park

    Racer Radio.
  2. 2018 Paramount's Kings Island

    Mission: Impossible themed escape game in Action Zone.
  3. Kings Island Easter Eggs

    I heard that people who don't even work at the park helped out too!
  4. Odd item in Kings Island ios Map

    That's the leaked layout for our 2020 launched wooden hybrid 4D coaster.
  5. Ban the single rider line

    Fun fact: The amount of salt in OP's free salted caramel hot chocolate at Winterfest this year only pales in comparison to the amount in his original post.
  6. Ban the single rider line

    You are describing an operations problem.
  7. Ban the single rider line

    Are you dense? It might help to know what a Single Rider line does before complaining about it.
  8. The Story of Mystic Timbers (Spoilers)

    There are two additional posters in the back part of the queue that I don't have pictures of.
  9. Flat Ride at KI

  10. Clearly this move coincides with Iger's stepping down. Iger-Ouimet 2020 ticket coming soon.
  11. KIHaunt Opening Day Updates

    Would love to see a clearer head-on view of some of those MT station items.
  12. Mystic Timbers Custom Playlist

    Instrumental I-Street music.
  13. Pop music back on International Street

    This switch definitely sucks, but isn't exactly surprising coming from the same park and company who made the tacky decision to put a fidget spinner stand in Coney Mall. KI, and Cedar Fair parks in general, are slowly beginning to cater only to the lowest common denominator.