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  1. Friendly reminder: Kings Dominion, a pretty comparable park to ours, went 8 years without a new coaster prior to this year. 8 years. It could be a lot worse.
  2. These cars will bump a lot more than the ones on that ride, though.
  3. Best addition of the last 10 years. Taste those salty enthusiast tears.
  4. JAHill

    Just for fun: FINAL 2019 announcement predictions

    2019 Coney Mall Refurb: Racer: Racer Repainted, new lift signs. Lighting package. Station and queue refresh (with historical queue signage). Extensive retrack (possibly by RMC, though I'm iffy on that). New trains. One side runs backwards again. General: Repainted buildings. New 70s-themed signage. Area-specific loop. Mix of classic rock and carnival music. New Additions: Antique cars in former Tower Gardens (or Action Theater / Dinos) spot.
  5. My actual, non-cheeky guess: Repainted Racer, new light package, station and queue refurb (with historical queue signage), extensive retrack (possibly by RMC), new trains, and one side runs backwards again.
  6. This is exactly the opposite of what CF wants. They want you as close to your wallet as you can be at all times.
  7. JAHill


    So hear me out. I think I’m onto something. If you’re a seasoned KI visitor, you might know that Mystic Timbers features a strange poster at the greeter booth, station, and on a locker in the shed. It’s of this character named Yard Boss Campbell who works in Wood Shed 2. I’m not sure if this is an extension of the lore of the ride or not, but I think it’s safe to assume as much. Either way, I happened to find a high-res version of this poster, and I think there’s some interesting stuff in it that might help lead us to more clues. If you zoom in to Yard Boss Campbell’s Miami River Lumber Co. Hoodie, you’ll see a hidden pieces of text. It’s pretty blurry, but with some Photoshop work, I was able to make out the phrase “Check Wood Shed 2”. You can also see “9:59 PM" If you’re familiar with the queue, the first queue-house is labeled Wood Shed 2. It features a backpack and a walkie-talkie that will occasionally make noise. Just the other week at 9:59 PM, I made my way into the Wood Shed 2 part of the Timbers queue to take a peek. I’m not sure how anyone has missed this so far (probably because the fireworks start just a minute after the fact, sneaky KI), but at 9:59PM every night, the walkie talkie says 1 specific line: “Call Coriell’s. Ask for Outpost 5.” Crazy stuff. It turns out Coriell's is a clothing company that must have created the outerwear for the Miami River Lumber Company, and is based in Idaho (The same state as RMC!) I called Coriell's HQ and was met with a kind woman’s voice, asking me if I had any questions about their apparel. I kindly asked about Outpost 5. There was silence at the other end of the line. 10 seconds. 15 seconds. 30 seconds. Then a different voice came on the line, this time a gruff sounding old man. He asked me for the password. I scrambled, as this was an unexpected turn of events. There was no such information provided on the Yard Boss Campbell poster as far as I could tell, so I instead just came up with the first Mystic Timbers-related word I could think of. “Shed.” The man’s tone suddenly changed from gruff and staunch to warm and inviting, perhaps even relieved. What he said next will stick with me forever. “The Son will return. But there’s more for you to discover first.” I’m convinced these Yard Boss Campbell signs are meant to act as teasers for a new KI attraction. Probably worth looking into more.
  8. JAHill


    Guys, their name is Vortex_FAN. Frankly, that's the only source I need.
  9. JAHill

    Outpost 5 symbols popping up...

    This, 100%. The 2019 Carowinds teaser signs are on a construction wall in the middle of the park with clear activity going on behind. The same can be said of the Diamondback, Banshee, and Timbers sites. There's nothing about the symbols, posters, or signs people are discussing that scream "teaser". It's all just well-designed environmental signage.
  10. JAHill


    Hot Take: This is just a really nice poster (with some clever easter eggs) and isn't meant to serve as a teaser for enthusiasts to ruthlessly examine.
  11. I really feel that station bins would help stop some of this, and cause a whole lot less uproar and anger among guests than this policy does. Other CP rides have them and they cause few problems. But the problem for CF is that they're free for guests to use. I'm not sure I buy that adding them negatively affects capacity in a major way. People forgetting to fasten seatbelts before lapbars or heavier-set people needing that extra push or escorted off adds the same amount of time (if not more).
  12. And then have Steelers fans re-enact your injury the next week. With zero consequences.
  13. JAHill

    Banshee gift shop converted to arcade

    No. I said most merchandise, not all. Some merchandise might even be more accurate. In my mind, the gift shops are generally just filled with the kinds of stuff I'd expect to see at a sketchy shop in Pigeon Forge or Myrtle Beach. Not just limited to apparel.
  14. JAHill

    Banshee gift shop converted to arcade

    I think "trashy" is a good word to describe most of the merchandise in KI shops these days.