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  1. JAHill

    Dress code in the park

    If it was 100% enforced, then we'd have people on these boards complaining about every other train being stopped on the lift to confiscate a phone, making lines longer. It's almost logistically impossible to stop every single instance of this. If it's seen during dispatch, sure. But if a phone is brought out on the lift, it's up to the person operating the ride to spot it on lift cameras and it's usually not that easy.
  2. hey i like your meme

  3. JAHill

    No cameras allowed in Kings Island?

    I brought a camera slider, two tripods, and a full video camera rig into the park on a normal operating day once. The difference is, I told them what I was doing in advance and got permission to do it. Not knowing what gear this guy was using or bringing in makes this situation a little fuzzy.
  4. JAHill

    Alan Schilke vs Werner Stengel

    Alan Schilke is a crazed madman who somehow got his insane ideas legally approved to be built. Not saying that's a bad thing by any means but still.
  5. Long, long, long, LONG overdue. Stylize the new fleet to have a similar nosecone to the current one and this will be a very welcome change.
  6. JAHill

    Worst amusement park commercial

  7. JAHill

    2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    Saw the words "Coney Bar" and got pumped only to find out that it's just BBQ. RIP Me.
  8. JAHill

    Totally random under rated things in the park

    Racer Radio.
  9. JAHill

    2018 Paramount's Kings Island

    Mission: Impossible themed escape game in Action Zone.
  10. JAHill

    Kings Island Easter Eggs

    I heard that people who don't even work at the park helped out too!
  11. JAHill

    Odd item in Kings Island ios Map

    That's the leaked layout for our 2020 launched wooden hybrid 4D coaster.
  12. JAHill

    Ban the single rider line

    Fun fact: The amount of salt in OP's free salted caramel hot chocolate at Winterfest this year only pales in comparison to the amount in his original post.
  13. JAHill

    Ban the single rider line

    You are describing an operations problem.