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  1. Have you guys noticed the shape of the trees in the land clearing going on? Kinda weird.
  2. Obviously this isn't geared towards the average enthusiast or visitor, but I could never justify that amount of money for a regional park, even if it's Cedar Point. The highest-tier annual pass at WDW costs less than this, and can be used for an entire 365 days (instead of from May to October) for 4 parks (6 if you include the water parks) with more events, more unique experiences, and more passholder benefits. You'd need to visit almost every weekend to make this worth it. And most weekdays don't justify the need for Fast Lane. If you're able to afford this, it's because money is an afterthought to you.
  3. I'll throw in an incredibly cringeworthy story that I think about often. It's funny now, but at the time it was brutal. I was working Zephyr in 2012. One day a kid told me hello after looking at my name tag. The name wasn't correct except for the first letter. I was having pretty rough day and I replied half-heartedly, without even really thinking, "Can ya read, man?". His mother, clearly angry, proceeded to tell me the kid was blind in one eye. I meant to apologize, but instead asked "Oh, he is?" It was a girl.
  4. I was reading the former employee Q&A topic posted recently, and thought about something. Former park employee stories are some of my favorite things to read about. This board has always been ripe for discussion about visiting the park, but something I've always thought was missing was a dedicated thread for former employees to post their best stories and memories from working at the park. No matter what department you were in or at what time, I'd love to hear some interesting, funny, heartwarming, or scary stories from those of us who spent our summers in the blistering heat to keep the park going.
  5. This is cool to see. Just keep it working, please. For multiple seasons, not multiple months.
  6. This is the very good test. It asked for me to jog the brain of my Kings Island memories. Please continue to make more and please create more for these great posts and they are very good. Thanks?
  7. Back row, backwards out of the Time Traveler station drop is the most intense roller coaster moment I have ever experienced, and that isn't me being snarky. I'm completely serious.
  8. The best food at KI still comes from the food trucks.
  9. Photos of new paint and freshly poured concrete are very, very exciting.
  10. The park owes the enthusiast community absolutely nothing.
  11. Vortex at Carowinds. Followed closely by Python at Coney Island.
  12. I watch a LOT of Disney parks stuff, and this is by far the wildest thing I've ever seen.
  13. Wait until you know the weather forecast for that day. Don't buy them in advance.
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