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  1. I just have a different definition of the word "decode" -- which involves the piecing together of subtle clues from the source itself to gather a larger picture and not just getting it all at once with the final plans. But you're right -- if people want the full picture, they can absolutely get it here and it's my own fault for reading it. I hope the ride is good and everyone enjoys it. With that said, I'm outta here. These boards ain't for me anymore.
  2. Genuinely curious -- do we think teasing would have started earlier this season if everyone didn't already spoil it for themselves and the local media didn't hound the park so much?
  3. I don't think demand for Kings Island merchandise is nearly high enough to justify the costs required for running something like this -- shipping, packing, etc.
  4. 4 new coasters chain-wide (with one of which being touted as arguably the best in the world) translating to .7% growth doesn't seem great.
  5. Not hopping in line as an operator is trying to close the line for the night.
  6. I've always felt this way -- it's better to build things with no theming if it won't be maintained. Broken theming looks worse than no theming at all. I say this understanding that most of the themed rides that no longer work were not built under the current owner. That said, eyesores should be addressed.
  7. Sure, but this is also coming from the perspective of a park and coaster enthusiast. You're right on the mark by saying that it's a product to be consumed -- and most consumers to the park are general public folks just looking to have some fun during their trip. It's the same reason so many dive coasters have been built recently. They may not be the best rides ever, but I can't even begin to count how many Facebook posts I've seen by individuals and news outlets who talk about how insane they look. They are visually impressive, which is really all the rides need to be anymore. This might miss the mark for you, and you're absolutely entitled to your own opinion about the ride itself, but to me it will always read as a "they need to do it this way because that's what I want" sort of deal. The park knows exactly what they're doing.
  8. The drop alone on a giga coaster makes the ride worth having in your park. There are way too many entitled people in the coaster community anymore.
  9. I have the PDF. Looks like a good addition.
  10. No one is owed any inkling of plans. Especially if they were legitimately leaked, perhaps even illegally.
  11. Some season passes are going to magically stop working this weekend!
  12. I'll say it -- I kinda wish this stuff was kept under wraps until it's time for the ride to be announced. Obviously I don't have to read these posts, and the speculation is still fun, but this kinda ruins any element of surprise come August. Hopefully the teaser campaign is enough to keep me guessing on the ride's name and theme, because when stuff like this gets out it's hard to have much surprise left.
  13. Here's what will happen: "Of course you're all looking forward to what next year has in store here at Kings Island, but right now we're focused on this season, and we're just really happy that guests are enjoying the improvements we've seen so far. With the addition of the all-new Kings Mills Antique Autos, as well as a fresh new look for International Street, we're just happy to have brought back some things for guests who have been visiting since day one, and there's even more fun to come for the remainder of the season including the all-new Grand Carnivale! Next question, please."
  14. Other than maybe the ride's length, I'm curious to hear why. The attraction delivers on just about every expectation it could possibly have -- an antique cars ride along some nice-looking landscaping.
  15. They're theming and nothing more. Small, detailed touches to help round out the area. When the park starts teasing the new attraction, it will be obvious. And only at the park the ride is going in.
  16. So that's now: 1 - A year-long delay for faulty track. 2 - Noise complaints requiring a new train design. 3 - A full retrack after one year of operation. 4 - This.
  17. Me visiting this thread in search of wholesome discussion of the new changes to I-Street.
  18. Thank you for taking this approach to it instead of blaming the park or operators. More people should be like you.
  19. It's a Vekoma Madhouse.
  20. Have you guys noticed the shape of the trees in the land clearing going on? Kinda weird.
  21. Obviously this isn't geared towards the average enthusiast or visitor, but I could never justify that amount of money for a regional park, even if it's Cedar Point. The highest-tier annual pass at WDW costs less than this, and can be used for an entire 365 days (instead of from May to October) for 4 parks (6 if you include the water parks) with more events, more unique experiences, and more passholder benefits. You'd need to visit almost every weekend to make this worth it. And most weekdays don't justify the need for Fast Lane. If you're able to afford this, it's because money is an afterthought to you.
  22. I'll throw in an incredibly cringeworthy story that I think about often. It's funny now, but at the time it was brutal. I was working Zephyr in 2012. One day a kid told me hello after looking at my name tag. The name wasn't correct except for the first letter. I was having pretty rough day and I replied half-heartedly, without even really thinking, "Can ya read, man?". His mother, clearly angry, proceeded to tell me the kid was blind in one eye. I meant to apologize, but instead asked "Oh, he is?" It was a girl.
  23. I was reading the former employee Q&A topic posted recently, and thought about something. Former park employee stories are some of my favorite things to read about. This board has always been ripe for discussion about visiting the park, but something I've always thought was missing was a dedicated thread for former employees to post their best stories and memories from working at the park. No matter what department you were in or at what time, I'd love to hear some interesting, funny, heartwarming, or scary stories from those of us who spent our summers in the blistering heat to keep the park going.
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