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  1. Building also is or was the park services warehouse when I worked there.
  2. Reading that this copperhead strike coaster at carowinds from Mack was expensive. Who much did it cost? I watched the POV and was pretty underwhelmed.
  3. I don’t think there is a chance that Kings Island gets another coaster that quickly after this Giga is built. 2025 seems much more likely when the next coaster would come than 2022, to me at least. There was a 5 year gap between Diamondback and Banshee. Guest have been/ are spoiled in the fact that 3 major coasters will be installed in the last 6 years. How many other parks have done that? I can only think of a few.
  4. Huh? Why did the supposed height change in the last couple days? Seems like even with the blueprints no one knows what the final height will be.
  5. Even though there are complete blue prints for this new ride, I think it is pretty interesting that no one knows the length, no one knows the height, no one knows the speed, no one knows the angle of descent. Sure people might be close but no one knows exactly. Should make for an exciting announcement.
  6. RMC 400+ is coming to some park in the next 5 years. Book it. https://youtu.be/0_NXIRtGMBc Go to the 4 minute mark.
  7. I think there are a couple reasons that there are no teasers yet. The construction area is sort of off the beaten path. Also they are still not “completely open” yet, there are shows that have not started, the fountains are said to not be completely operational. They still have these things to work on/promote for 2019. I would say teasers go up before June, still have a week and a half, and footings start being poured the first week of June. Just my perspective.
  8. I think one of the issues with Diamonadbck as far as construction timeline is the location of the attraction. Diamondback station is right in the middle of the park. They had to have some footers poured before the season and the early part of the season because they would not have easy access to the station area during the day for construction vehicles once the back was in daily operation. This construction area, they will be able to access whenever they want. Fury started ground clearing on June 21 and footers on July 18. Obviously climate and soil can change timelines for construction but it seems they are closer to the timeline of Fury than Diamondback
  9. When I worked at KI, we had a haunt night with over 60,000.
  10. Sweet. You narrowed it down to three different types.
  11. I assume he was talking about the lift.
  12. The only thing I said was you cannot tell what type of ride it is based on it having backbone or not. That is it.
  13. Again that has been debunked. I brought that up weeks ago. Valravn has a backbone.
  14. Apparently most in this thread would rather have that than a Giga coaster we are getting. Probably.
  15. Got a link for distance and speed? Thanks
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