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  1. I wonder if this ride will be red too.
  2. ... This thread is full of ignorance now.
  3. My Integra gets 30 mpg. Meh
  4. Anyone else hoping for a gravy buffet?
  5. Whatever this may be, I'm sure it will be good. My money is on a giga though.
  6. 1. Boulder dash 2. iSpeed 3. i-305 4. Black mamba at Phantasialand 5. Diamondback 6. Takabisha 7. Wooden warrior 8. Raven 9. S&S screamin' swing 10. Eiffel Tower
  7. I have a few of these VIP preview posters and that's about it.
  8. I had a roll back on Backlot once.
  9. Balder at Liseberg, which was built in 2003, was in the 10 million dollar range. Same type of ride as El toro but smaller.
  10. ^ http://www.flickr.co...in/photostream/ Looks like topper track.
  11. None of this makes any sense. Cedar Point getting a new ride has nothing to do with Kings Island. Canada's Wonderland got a 25+ million dollar hyper in 2008, and this year they got a new gigacoaster that came with a price tag near 30 million dollars. Like Gordon Bombay said, no 'suits' have talked to you.
  12. From what I understand, PTC stopped working with CCI because of money issues. So PTC refused to work with CCI until debts were paid. Parks that wanted PTC trains had to go directly to PTC. Denise Dinn Larrick made some stupid decisions that killed the company.
  13. Nice try Trevor http://nolimits-exchange.com/news/g-force-lesson/35 And to those who are wondering what the different classes are for http://i.imgur.com/J6xCw.png Now I'm kind of confused by where you got these height requirements you listed from? Whether it be class 4 or class 5 restraints, base case restraints can range any where from 36 to 54 inches for height requirements. For OSTR's... most Arrow loopers are 48" Premier's I think are usually 48" and 54" Vekoma SLC's and Intamin's are usually over 52"
  14. As PhantomTheater said, Ohio parks must follow manafactur recommendations, but height restrictions are based off of a few different things. I wouldn't really say it's based off intensity and the different forces being applied on the rider. Many intense rides have a height restriction of 48" (such as Voyage). Many manufactures preform analysis on rider restraints and how patrons are contained in their seats. The analysis determines the height and size requirements of the guests for each ride. Manufactures have to follow a number of different standards when preforming these analysis. For instance, ASTM F 2291 Standard practice for design of Amusement rides. I would guess to say it's mainly based off the restraints.
  15. Earlier this month actually. Changes were made to the supports and foundation of Diamondbacks helix before the MCBR.
  16. Or you could just call it what rocky mountain construction calls it? I-box track...
  17. I know something else you can do for the internet community. Stop posting.
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