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  1. Currently my favorite woodie is the Voyage. But that might change if I go to Lake compounce next year.
  2. Like KIfan1980 said, running 3 trains is possible. I heard Vekoma's flying dutchman trains were intended to recline on the lift and sit back up on the break run. From what I understood, this put a lot of wear and tear on the GAU motors and the hydraulics. I know Batwing at Six flags America reclined on the lift in the early 2000's. Not sure if this was done on X-flight at Geauga. Without reclining the trains on the lift and lifting them back up on the brake run, the 3rd train would sit on the last block before the station even longer.
  3. Sometimes footings crack... It happens and always will happen. And it probably happens more than most people think.
  4. I hope we get to see a maintenance cage like the one for Wildfire at Silver dollar city.
  5. Sounds like a personal experience.
  6. I really like the GPS enabled map. http://i.imgur.com/TfwdS.jpg
  7. Hi, I'm Chris Hansen from dateline NBC. Why don't you have a seat over there?
  8. WindSeeker should be able to handle stronger winds this year... The new hydraulic dampers will hopefully increase WindSeekers uptime.
  9. The Beasts useless friction tires in station and pre-lift were removed.
  10. How it runs now? It was completely re-tracked over the off season. Unless you rode the Voyage this past weekend, you would not know how the ride currently operates.
  11. ^Invertigo in the front/back seat has the strongest acceleration forces going through the entrances and exits of the inversions... Which is why I LOVE Invertigo.
  12. The Beast has 3-bench PTC trains. Two fixed axles on both wheels sets that do not pivot. On a turn, notice how gradually the trains go into a turn? 3-bench PTC trains rely on a larger track gauge which causes shuffling going around a turn , body frame movement, and a lubricated track. All of the PTC's at Holiday World are 2-bench trains. PTC added a rear axle in each car that pivoted. But the front axle is still fixed onto the front wheel assemblies on each car.
  13. I always thought pre-fabs were wooden coasters, so I agree with you.
  14. ^ lol And at what point did I say they were transformed into a different material? I didn't. Pre-fabs are made of wood... I never said they were not.
  15. Laminated veneer if you want to get technical. From Werner Stengels patent: Read more... http://www.patentgen...nt/6550393.html
  16. ^Pre-fab's are manufactured and constructed differently . Pre-fabricated tracks have individual strips of wood that are bonded with glue that are then milled to fit the design of the track. The argument is pretty much how the track is built and the ride experience but... they're both made of wood. Pre-fabs are just designed with different materials. Track manafactured elsewhere (pre-fab): Track built on site (traditional):
  17. ^^ http://rcdb.com/9795.htm?p=0 I really like what Gerstlauer did with the layout. Even though it seems like large inversion after large inversion (7 inversions), the ride should pack a punch. The beginning of this ride is indoors similar to Saw's pre-lift. Can't wait to see a POV of this.
  18. Something like iSpeed at Mirabilandia, Italy would be great...
  19. http://www.thecoastercritic.com/2011/06/dollywoods-2012-roller-coaster.html
  20. Why do you say they're are shot? The chassis and hitches on the train are most likely in good condition. Anything on those trains that could be or would be in need of replacement, would be replaced annually if the ride was in yearly operation. Nothing is wrong with those trains.
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