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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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  1. A picture of my lucky wood! I touch it before every ride on The Beast! Also was my old profile pic. Nice pics! Keep them coming:D
  2. There has been six different LIM bowls all with the same ride profile. http://rcdb.com/r.htm?ot=2&mo=8384
  3. No, I'm sorry but just no. Anyways, has this not been posted? (From Screamscape) Texas Giant looks like fun though, right? From TPR. Many more pictures of the New Texas Giant is on that site.
  4. Don't really believe it but if it is true, I will be extremely happy. Rocky mountain construction does some good work... Imagine Son of Beast with a layout looking like this Rocky Mountain construction also had a 'Topper track' It replaces the top three layers of wood... Tremors at Silverwood is having 2,000 feet of track replaced. Looks something like this (No, the wheels will not hit the bolts)
  5. The ride layout is a little meh. So many spots for some airtime, but the trains just go over the hills like a Togo jet coaster. As for the view, I rather be riding Formula Rossa. The outside of Ferrari world will look beautiful once it's completed and it's located next to Abu Dhabi. Great looking city. I agree with Rumor smasher though, they should of just made the ride the tallest and added something onto the end. Not sure if they had enough room for that, but they could easily afford it.
  6. Safety glasses are required to ride Formula Rossa because of the environment the ride is...
  7. Um, Lol? Yes, Flight Deck was the last of the Arrow suspended coaster, sadly.
  8. That picture is outdated, more track has been removed.
  9. That picture is outdated, more track has been removed.
  10. I'm still worried about how spread out the ride is...
  11. Yeah, and we get rewarded when we do things that were supposed to do.
  12. 6 correct answers out of 10 is over half right. Unfortunately, 60% is still failing. Actually in a lot of schools today 60% is passing What schools? Mine is like that.
  13. I've heard numerous times that Firehawk is the hardest... but I don't believe that.
  14. Texas Giant was around 5000 feet when it first opened, It was also a big wooden coaster. Here is what has happened to Texas Giant so far. The original Texas Giant had a height 143'(53 angle drop) and now it will be 153' (79 angle drop). If SOB did receive the Iron Horse track, I'm sure a lot of the ride would be re-profiled and some of the ride will be removed.
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