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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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  1. Nearby, past the Launch Pad attraction, is a new spot of cleared land: If you look on google maps where this laser tag tent was...it looks like it could be a path that goes back behind The Racer and that could open a new section of the park because there is just a empty spot ride right behind The Racer covered with trees.
  2. I have a friend that operates Firehawk he said it was a squeakin.
  3. I will be at the park saturday by myself until around 4. So some of you people should hang around with me!
  4. How long did you wait for that night ride or how long was the line out of the que, because I want a night ride!
  5. It was really bad coming into the station and it squeaked through out most of the ride.
  6. I heard some rides squeaking a lot and it's kind of annoying, like waiting in line for The Vortex or Firehawk it was non-stop squeaking.Is it because they got new wheels? or New paint?
  7. If Firehawk looks fresh it is only because it's turning green again....... I don't think its turning green again it looks like its being sandblasted or something because I noticed that some parts of the track look like they were re-painted but I might be wrong I rode it at like 10 o'clock.
  8. Yeah pink floyd is not a great choice for theme park but I heard some other good songs like dont fear the reaper by blue oyster cult.
  9. She will ride anything without a loop, Son of Beast, delrium and Drop Tower andshe told me i could go ride some of the bigger rides but i just like being around her but I still want her to ride bigger so it would be funner too.
  10. I can't get my girlfriend to ride bigger rides because she got sick after she rode Flight of Fear and I almost got her to ride Firehawk and Vortex she just freaks out at the last second and I really want her to ride really bad.Do you people have any ideas for me but I don'w want to force her.
  11. I showed up around 8 am at the park and rode it around 9:45 not to bad of a wait.
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