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  1. Hmmm I would start practicing now. I was playing at a high school level when I was in 7th grade because all I ever did was drum lol. Guessing that Lakota east plays matched grip I would stick to playing that technique to help build up your muscles. If you want I could make you a list of some cool pieces of sheet music, warm ups, and DVD's that will help you A LOT.

  2. My school you can start in 8th grade. My first year I played 2nd Bass then I moved onto snare my second year. Now I'm a sophomore and I'll still be on snare. Are you wanting to try out for a certain position in your school's drumline next year?

  3. What do you play in marching band?

  4. "SMALL" WOODEN COASTER (Woodies under 90ft) The Racer vs. The Raven MILLENNIUM WOODIES (Both opened in 2000, both have "dips" before first drop!) Son of Beast vs. The Legend SIGNATURE WOODIES (This one is obvious...) The Beast vs. The Voyage DROP/LAUNCH RIDE Drop Tower vs. Liberty Launch (can't vote on this Liberty Launch was closed when I went) RAPIDS RIDE White Water Canyon vs. Raging Rapids LOG FLUME Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown vs. Frightful Falls Log Flume SWING RIDE Zephyr vs. Hallowswings SPIDER/MONSTER/ETC RIDE Monster vs. PR Midnight Ride ( Midnight ride was also
  5. Well this may sound really dumb but The Voyage "was" planned to have a corkscrew. It was in a article written In German and I translated it to English. In this article here: http://www.coastersa...ge/voyage.shtml
  6. Have you ever looked at it close from AZ? I did the other day I was like wow looks like it was made from tooth picks..lol Kinda like a card house , breathe the wrong way and it topples. I'm not even gonna bother commenting on that
  7. It just bugs me when people say things like this when they don't know that.
  8. Uh how do you it won't be operating in the 2011 season?
  9. Nice report! I love front seat on the red side but not the blue it usually staples me. The floater air is amazing my butt doesn't even touch the seat.
  10. No roller coaster should feel as if your chest was imploding. No coaster should ever make it feel like your head is going to explode. Son of Beasts problem was never roughness...it was forces. It was both the roughness and the forces. Son of Beast only pulled 4.5 G's there are a lot of steel coasters that pull almost 6 G's. Son of Beasts problems was how the rose bowl shaped, the previous premier trains weighed A LOT, the "newer" trains were modified big time to fit it's larger track gauge and that both just destroyed up the track. Not so sure if I remember but that rose bowl pulled almost
  11. There both in the woods lol but The Beast has no airtime.
  12. Goals: Raise funds to proceed with restoration Replace timbers, realign track, restore trains Reopen coaster Support local economy by attracting more visitors to the area. You can vote here: http://www.refreshev...eparkbluestreak You can also donate here if you are interested: http://www.conneautl...bluestreak.html
  13. Oh I was pretty sure they were family owned. Oops
  14. We should start a new poll on favorite posts. This post is in the # 1 slot for me. Why would this this be a favorite? I really wasn't suprised at all to find someone commented on my thoughts on Cedar Point's rides (even though I haven't been but I really don't care). There are lots other parks I would choose over CP. Sorry but I don't give a crap about a 17 second ride that launches you up and down a hill that is 400 feet tall or other record breaking rides that are there to break records. As for the rest of the park it doesn't look that special. There are many more unique rides out the
  15. They all look like over rated rides to be honest. Except Maverick and Raptor but what do I know I haven't been.
  16. I don't think they are used for that. They were no bigger then a tie on the track.
  17. Ride capacity for Firehawk is really bad... Taking your bags across the train would lower it even more. As for Flight of Fear where would they take your bags?
  18. Paintball is a waste of money IMO. You shoot thousands of balls and hit your target a few times but it is fun though and it doesn't hurt that bad.
  19. I was on the Eiffel Tower today and I used one of the of things to zoom into things at the park (forget what there caled lol) and I noticed there were red pieces of metal from ledger to ledger on the track. I'm guessing if they are actually there they are used to keep the track at the width it's supposed to be at. So they are probably keeping care of it and checking on it every now and then.
  20. I saw Delirium start testing around 4 today. Incase your wondering.
  21. Why spend almost 15 million dollars on the Iron horse track when you don't know if it's going to work? I honestly don't get it... I wonder how many structure problems Texas Giant problems will have
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