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  1. Kiddie coaster "junior coaster" Wood and Steel Fairy Odd Coaster @ KI Howler @ Holiday World Major Wood and Steel non looping The Raven @ Holiday World Vortex @ KI Looping Steel and Wood sorry I had to do it. Vortex @ KI SOB? lol. @ KI Suspened Top Gun @ KI Inverted Face/Off (Invertigo?) @ KI Launced looped and Non looped FOF @ KI None Stand up NONE Water Ride Crocodile Falls @ Holiday World
  2. I do understand why Mrs. Felix (awesome last name right?) would be angry, but, i disagree with her because there are PLENTY of places to get out of the weather, like que lines, restraunts, bathrooms, ampitheaters, changing rooms, etc. Last year, I was at boomerang bay with my family, when storms hit, for granted they were not tornados, but lighting and heavy rain. Oh, and guess what THEY MADE AN ANNOUNCEMENT! We were about leave the park(of course i was throwing a HUGE fit)when a security gaurd grabbed us and put us in that little hospital building. We were standing there (My girlfriend, dad
  3. OK well this rumor is NOT funny. But some girl at my school told me Kings Island was going to tear down SOB because one day 2 trains in the very back flew off the track, and they died. It came out like this "DUDE YO MAN THEYS GONNA TEAR DOWN THE SON OF DA BEAST CAUSE SOME GUYS ROCKED THE TRAIN SO HARD THE BACK 2 TRAINS FELL OFF THE TRACK AND THEY DIED!!!!!1!!!!" NOW. I told her that it would have been all over the news, and that i would probably go an email from Kings Island releasing something about it. i get SO mad when people make stuff up and tell me. (I consider myself a pretty big Ki
  4. I waited in line for Firehawk last year for 4 1/2 hours trying to get a shirt and only to find out that the person 2 people in front of me got the last shirt. I was SO dissapointed. >.<
  5. My mom was telling me (not really a rumor i supose) that her and my older brother went to ride The Racer but he was too short, and when they walked out of line, they heard a lot of screams. My mom looked up and The Racer was stuck at the top of the first hill and they were walking people down the track. I guess it was good my brother is short ^.^
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