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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Already planning my first trip around my off days during Passholder days. Very excited!
  2. I'd love to have a modern reimagination of Phantom Theater back around. I get that Peanuts theme's would take the priority there, but the hit of nostalgia with some upgrades would be extra cool.
  3. While recordbreaking is awesome and all, I agree with you SonofBaconator. I'd rather have quality over quantity in that regard. Give me a super thrilling experience that is well thought out and not something thrown together for the sake of "records".
  4. I'm going to reserve judgement as of right now until I ride Orion, but I personally have to lean toward Banshee without that factored in.
  5. Big fan of the idea of a dark forest with Action Zone. Use that theming on a hopefully new ride for the future. Overall I just miss theming at the park in general, because I feel its lacking heavily in areas. Rivertown feels like the only spot that really has anything going for it on that front.
  6. While I love the idea of having a frontgate coaster, I also don't really "need" it per say. I think you'd have to do it correctly, and while I trust they could, the real question is if they "should". I'd love a front of the park coaster that is right by the gate that isn't Invertigo though. Would personally love a ride that went in and around Timberwolf a bit. I would love to see a new front gate in general, maybe update it with contactless/personless admissions booths.
  7. Seems like it should run fairly seamless as far as the app goes for reserving your time.
  8. As much as I agree it could use a flat, I would love to see a dark ride of some sort end up back that way.
  9. Still Love the theme regardless. And I'm realizing as I type this that the comment is from June. I guess I haven't posted in a while, just been reading. haha
  10. Very cool! I've been hoping for an event like this to come down our way at some point!
  11. I was actually in my tent when the whole thing started. Next thing I knew the speakers were blaring creepy music.
  12. ' Did you enjoy our 1:45 special visit? I was already out cold when it started.
  13. I mean regardless, you'll end up having to make it the Approximately 1 Millionth rider.
  14. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe most of the newer rides have a computer system where you hit a button for each vacant seat, and thats how they calculate.
  15. I would love to play Jenga with the ride!
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