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  1. As much as I agree it could use a flat, I would love to see a dark ride of some sort end up back that way.
  2. Still Love the theme regardless. And I'm realizing as I type this that the comment is from June. I guess I haven't posted in a while, just been reading. haha
  3. Very cool! I've been hoping for an event like this to come down our way at some point!
  4. I was actually in my tent when the whole thing started. Next thing I knew the speakers were blaring creepy music.
  5. ' Did you enjoy our 1:45 special visit? I was already out cold when it started.
  6. XjoshhyX

    Banshee line

    I mean regardless, you'll end up having to make it the Approximately 1 Millionth rider.
  7. XjoshhyX

    Banshee line

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe most of the newer rides have a computer system where you hit a button for each vacant seat, and thats how they calculate.
  8. I would love to play Jenga with the ride!
  9. Got a campsite, pretty excited to get to go to the park for free for 2 days. Sucks I got a site on the concrete though. haha. Just means i'm gonna use that extra cash on a fast pass.
  10. I wouldn't think you'd prop up the cars that way for general maintenance to be honest. So agreeing with the bandwagon and saying parts are the answer. Seems like they may be keeping the cars up because of a part that may hold them up.
  11. Just to bring this topic back up, the information was sent out today with all of your guidelines to the campout! If you're going I can't wait to see you there!
  12. I blame Vekoma. Its their fault I tell you, they're sabotaging other manufacturers! haha.
  13. At KI I remember waiting like 4 hours for SOB on opening day. Other than Banshee, its the only other opening day I've ever attended for the park or a ride.
  14. had it for the first time today! SO GOOD! Would recommend to anyone looking to eat in the park.
  15. In the arcade, don't see them anymore from here.
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