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  1. chugh43

    International street makeover

    You almost got me there lol.
  2. chugh43

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Most of the time those don't help with the hotness....you just take away the sun beating down on you. The fans have to work for you to get any breeze, but often it's just hot air blowing on you. You'd need an HVAC system if you really want to cool down on an inside queue.
  3. chugh43


    My body would thank them for this! I feel like the actual track is so short....I don't know if a conversion would be worth it or a brand new coaster in it's location....hmmm?
  4. Just wondering, what kind of theme change could you see happening? I always wondered if BLSC lost all of it's theming, would people still ride it?
  5. Dude....you aren't understanding at all.....you need to provide a source "IF" you heard something....that's part of the TOS...people on this site have heard about I-Street as well before it was posted here, but it still needed to have a source per the TOS. No where did I say don't talk about rumors or speculation...all I asked for was a source to your friggin claim I don't care if you implied that it's a rumor or not, you specifically stated that it'll be sent to another park and not scrapped implying you knew something....I don't even care about the content of the rumor...I care about people following the TOS.
  6. You specifically said we don't need to go into too much about that...and I asked for a friend, so why bring it up?
  7. If it's a rumor why bring it up at all then?
  8. I don't find that rumor about removing Wicked Twister to open up the board walk area to hold any weight....I mean they added a new coaster there in this decade as a part of opening up the views of the lake...the boardwalk has been extended to go around these attractions. They could effectively build out the beach without removing additional attractions from that area.
  9. Would the cost to ship justify it? I mean Wicked Twister was only $9 mil when it was built. Also, if this were to be proven true that CGA would get an Impulse Coaster, who's to say that Possessed from Dorney or Steel Venom from Valleyfair wouldn't move?
  10. chugh43


    @jtro223 I get it...there are several rides out there that are highly rated and I'm like meh.
  11. chugh43


    See I'm the opposite...I am not a fan of Thunder Run....not that I can say I'm a fan of Hurler at Carowinds...but I'd rather ride Hurler over Thunder Run
  12. Generic statement: Rumors/enthusiasts aren't sources unless they give an actual source, hence why I questioned the source. If we were to go on rumors being a source then it's been confirmed that SOB is coming back, Beast Unleashed is the new Giga and they are going to use the SOB station.
  13. chugh43


    Personal opinion, I think Carowinds Hurler has always been in better shape than KD's.....and it's been getting quite a good amount of track work. I think it'll stay Hurler for quite some time.....eventually turning into an RMC? Sure!
  14. I would assume it'll be similar to the FunPerks program we once had. More than likely with more App usage though (checking in to rides, into the park, buying items, etc.) Dorney and Kings Island tend to be the test parks...so we shall see.
  15. Yeah....don't think that can be considered a source for Wicked Twister to be relocated because if so, it looks as if Diamondback would also be relocated according to that "source."