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  1. chugh43

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    No it won't affect next years addition(s)....as they are already in the process (design, planning, likely site prep, etc.) If anything, I feel like the additions of major coasters have slowed down in recent years anyway...we'll continue to see additions as parks evolve.
  2. They did not remove Paddlewheel for Shoot The Rapids...it was removed for Dinos which I would have rather kept Paddlewheel. I really hope that Paddlewheel would come back to CP....it was a great leisure ride, the spieling was hilarious no matter what it was and it was just a good family experience as well.
  3. That's what it looks like to me....I don't know for sure...maybe will find out more this weekend at Winter Chill Out.
  4. chugh43

    Does Kings Island need a giga?

    It's definitely not out of the realm of possibilities. That actually is part of the reason I brought up the other hotels being built around the area...it shows that there is a want/need for overnight accommodations for folks coming to Kings Island, because let's face it...if there wasn't KI would these hotels still be built? I doubt it. The park once had a campground and Kings Island Resort...so with the loss of these two properties, they definitely lost out on income. I imagine the park eventually will have a hotel...however, I really hope it's not a chain hotel like the one being built for Carowinds. I would hope that a hotel would be along the lines of Knott's Hotel or Breakers....while keeping the price point affordable.
  5. I've shared on Point Buzz, but notice the boat at the dock on the far left side of the image....hmmm..
  6. chugh43

    Does Kings Island need a giga?

    Speaking of hotels....notice how many hotels are being added to the area? One on Kings Island Drive...looks like one or two behind The Beach....I think there may be one being built on Fields Ertle...hmmm.
  7. chugh43

    Does Kings Island need a giga?

    I don't disagree with you!
  8. chugh43

    Does Kings Island need a giga?

    I can kinda see that "at the time." But you'd think a ride that would make a park qualify as a destination park, that it would spar many return visits. Which at the same time, that park needs growth as well.
  9. chugh43

    Does Kings Island need a giga?

    Did the giga at Kings Dominion make it a destination park?
  10. chugh43

    If Cedar Fair got another park

    MiA locals use their park for the water park mainly....haven't really heard of them complaining that they haven't got a big coaster in a while. VF does get some investment....including a new section Route 79 and Delirious this past year.
  11. Can't say if they have a winner on their hands, as I'm not familiar with this park nor their other offerings. I can barely make out anything in the pictures either.
  12. chugh43

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    For reference these are pictures of what the tunnel from Fury 325 looks like: Source Source I would of course prefer a tunnel like this to be a bit longer. But I agree with @Ben43065 and would rather have the concrete styled tunnels.
  13. chugh43

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    Probably a basic tombstone with the dates it operated in the park.
  14. chugh43

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    We need at least 15 mock ups/color combos lol.
  15. chugh43

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I am not 100% certain this has been discussed, but I would love to see some kind of tunnel or two for the giga we may or may not get. I'd love it to have a portion go underground, maybe have a walkway to the ride over that portion similar to Fury's tunnel. I of course would love another tunnel, maybe to go with the lay of the land. Thinking more and more about it, I'd love for a hunter green colored track with brown supports or a purple track and a black support combo. Where are the artists in here? Can y'all make some mock ups for color combos on Giga track? lol