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  1. Winterfest Questions

    It was mashed potatoes with the skins, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, salad, mac and cheese and possibly something else...but I'm not remembering.
  2. "Fort Washington" House?

    That episode of ghost hunters is so inaccurate too...they did a good job at not investigating actual areas there have been reports of activity.
  3. Funpix

    I've had issues with my front gate photos actually linking to my pass. None of the ones from this past weekend showed up at all :'( which is frustrating because the ones from opening night didn't either and I had to go get it fixed.
  4. Blitz or RMC?

    Not every Cedar Fair park has a Giga there buddy.....most of the major parks do....but Knotts and KI don't. I don't want to say that KI is late to the party when it comes to new kinds of coasters....the park is more conscious for who visits the park and the business needs.
  5. Winterfest ride map

    You've got to click on map when looking at attractions, seasonal dining, etc. It's also found here (when you click explore, directions and map), just have to clip download map.: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/explore/directions
  6. Winterfest ride map

    Typically folks will use the Kings Island website to see the map for this info.
  7. Winterfest Questions

    A group of us have during the KIC meetup....it was enjoyable...would have been better had they actually had turkey that evening.
  8. Winterfest Questions

    It will probably be packed up and used for next year....they typically don't put "current" merchandise on clearance/discount the year it comes out. If anything, I could see them next year adding some of the items to Sugar Plum Sweets at a discount.
  9. Coasters for Winterfest future

    While they don't have the same amount of associates as they do during the normal season, I've been made aware by a few folks in entertainment (actors in the shows) that some shows are contracted....so I'm assuming the cost is higher for staffing at least in that department.
  10. Coasters for Winterfest future

    I think Racer and Woodstock Express would be great additions!
  11. My Diamondback Tattoo

    I don't think it truly matters to anyone here aside from the OP whether or not he could explain it in a job interview. I don't think it truly matters to anyone here aside from the OP whether or not he'll regret it in 5 years. It was the OP's prerogative to get the tattoo and it literally affects 0 of us that he has it, so we shouldn't even be worrying about either things.
  12. I don't know the exact minimum temperature for Mystic Timbers...but I do know that as long as the ride is started at or above the minimum temperature it can typically run if the temperature drops below it, barring any other unforeseen circumstances.
  13. Ban the single rider line

    If that were the case, they'd just shut down that entrance. Here's the thing....since they don't offer Fast Lane for Winterfest....they allow for single riders/groups willing to be split up in it's place. They don't even have to do that....but it's a way to 1) allow for folks by their selves or groups willing to split up to ride without having to wait as long and 2) to increase capacity, especially with being down one train. I guess my irritation for this is that the park doesn't have to do anything special like this....they could have easily just said everyone has to go through the queue but they didn't and folks are complaining about it as if their life is dramatically worse because of what they perceive as people abusing the single rider line. It's one thing to be irritated by folks literally line jumping in the regular queue but it's insane to be irritated by a system that is designed to speed up the process as well as increase capacity and how others choose to use it.
  14. Winterfest Playlist

    I want to know the version of "Christmas Time Is Here" as the opening song of "Charlie Brown's Christmas Spectacular" so if anyone knows it let me know!
  15. Official: WinterFest 2017

    Last night was quite busy for it being a Sunday. I am absolutely in love with this event. The shows have been sooooo amazing! I think the shows are at such a high caliber. I hope that flows through to the regular season...these shows are so great!