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  1. Local news reporters have caught wind of a possible roller coaster coming to Kennywood in place of Log Jammer. I will say, I think a new roller coaster is inevitable but the source that they use and what the source is claiming is not what I see Kennywood getting (The World's Longest Wooden Roller Coaster) http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2017/10/27/kennywood-new-roller-coaster-under-consideration/
  2. chugh43

    Haunt 2018

    I recently looked at a video of this at Knotts from last year...looks kind of cool. Part of it was inside and part outside. Wonder if that'll happen at KI too.
  3. I'm gonna go with this isn't a hint for several reasons: 1) SOB is a dark point in history with KI...why would they bring it back? 2) Since when has Cedar Fair teased rides for a park at a different park and why would they? Each park has a different makeup of guests and not all attract the same guests. 3) Knowing the person who made the posters originally from KI and works for CF did this just for theming. Remember the Steel Vengance easter egg in Mystic's Station...created by the same person...it wasn't a hint for a new attraction...it was literally just theming. 4) Not everything you see is a hint.
  4. I believe that Giga will actually go under the park and under/through Lake Erie.
  5. chugh43

    2018 Kings Island Bucket List

    So I thought it'd be fun to do a bucket list for Kings Island, specifically in 2018. On things I want to do whether I've done them or not in the past. Post yours as well if you'd like. Update as you complete things and/or add more if you find something else you want to do. Here's mine in no particular order: Night Ride on Firehawk Ride The Bat at night (I've ridden at dusk, but I've not done a true night ride) Ride Congo Falls Ride Race For Your Life Charlie Brown Ride White Water Canyon Play more arcade games Play at least one midway game Ride Slingshot Ride Xtreme Skyflyer See Off The Charts (Didn't see it in the past) See Jump! The Ultimate Dog Show (mainly to see a show in the International Showplace Theatre, haven't done that in a long long time) Get FunPix picture taken at the front of the park with a stranger and/or an entire family. Watch the fireworks from the Eiffel Tower Watch the fireworks from International Street Have a fireworks ride on WindSeeker (Had one at the first Coasterstock and it was a blast!) Ride Boo Blasters and don't attempt to get any points Visit Soak City more Ride Woodstock Whirlybirds (because why not?) Spend a bit of time in the evening before park close on International Street Eat at Subway with my dining plan (because Subway is expensive outside of the park) Sample all of the fudge flavors at Sweet Spot Try all of the cotton candy flavors at Sweet Spot Spend a day at the park with my phone in the locker or car Feed the fish in the Oktoberfest Pond Meet at least 15 people from KIC that I don't already know Split a big funnel cake with toppings with friends Get a picture with each of the Peanuts costumed characters (those of you on here who are character escorts, make this happen please ) I'm sure there is more, but I'll add to it as I think of it. So again, what's your 2018 Bucket List?
  6. chugh43

    What will replace Dinos Alive?

    Canada's Wonderland has announced their DA is leaving:
  7. chugh43

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Very interesting.
  8. I'd be interested to see where the reports are coming from. Everything I've seen is that they are using 2 trains, but rotating which two run at any given time. I did see that Cedar Point announced they are not opening SV during ERT during the week, but during Friday, Saturday and possibly Sunday it'll be open during ERT. This is while they make adjustments to the ride.
  9. chugh43

    Woman falls under Diamondback train

    From Theme Park Insider While it's not a huge space, there is definitely space for someone to step in there. When working the ride, I accidentally stepped down there, I didn't fall, but definitely had my leg go down in the space.
  10. chugh43

    4th of July

    It honestly depends on the year and weather. It could be extremely busy or dead. I've seen it both. There is no typical.
  11. chugh43

    Markers at Cedar Point

    Because he has been told by the moderators that it needs to be clear he contributes to Coaster Nation.
  12. chugh43

    can you wait to buy Fast Lane when you arrive?

    The $99 is just for admission and Fast Lane Plus....this is eh...it's good if you know for a fact it's going to be busy, but will still have to pay for other items such as drinks, parking, etc. I'd personally just do the ticket and then buy Fast Lane at the park. I don't believe it's more expensive at the park.
  13. chugh43

    can you wait to buy Fast Lane when you arrive?

    It can be bought at the park. I always suggest buying it at the park, to avoid paying the fee and to see whether or not it's actually needed.
  14. chugh43

    Markers at Cedar Point

    Seeing as you contribute to Coaster Nation, you need to let people know whether or not you shot the video on your post.
  15. chugh43

    Gravity - Kings Island Theater 2018

    I can agree with this....I like the show a lot..but feel like there needs to be a solid ending...currently it just seems as if they are doing their flips and oh yeah, show's over....bye now!
  16. chugh43

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    I've heard that Chef Major spends quite some time at Coney Bar B Que....I'm guessing this position is new, so Chef Major can get out and around more.
  17. chugh43

    Markers at Cedar Point

    Don't you need to clarify if you shot that video or someone else did?
  18. Twisted Timbers had returned to 2 train operations.
  19. chugh43

    Kings Island instrumental music 2018

    It’s a mix of new for this year and old from last year.
  20. chugh43

    Kings Island Steakhouse

    There are Green Beans at Island Smokehouse. I've not had the burgers yet, but several folks I've been with have had them at Reds absolutely loved them and they weren't like a hockey puck.
  21. chugh43

    Coney- What`s New in 2018

    While not a ride, I saw that they are doing a Moonlite Gardens Luncheon Series https://www.facebook.com/events/453784168414826/
  22. chugh43

    Scarowinds Announced!

    Of course you haven't done any in park spending at KI.
  23. chugh43

    Kings Island Steakhouse

    The main elevator inside the entrance (park side) spills out into the hallway between the conference room and the dining area.
  24. chugh43

    Dress code in the park

    Prob not a good idea. A few weeks ago, @Magenta Lizard, @pianoman and I decided to ride the water rides. We finally got to WWC to be paired up with 3 young ladies (early 20s)...one that sat across from me had a white wife beater on with nothing under it. When looking across from me, I saw a little more than I needed to.
  25. Looking forward to it!