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  1. I don't always partake in alcohol when at the park..but having the option is nice...I wouldn't be happy if that were taken away.
  2. I am going no matter what......any day at KI is better than being bored at home.
  3. That's on those people....it's like the people who were absolutely certain that SOB was returning....they only believe that there was hype because they got it in their head that the park was teasing it.
  4. Yes....KD recently updated the lifts/programming to ensure that the trains actually race. So if one dispatches about 10 seconds after the first, the lift will speed up on the delayed dispatch side to bring the train to match the location of the first dispatched train. From what I understand it does this up to a certain point.
  5. Alright here is my list for 2019 I will add more as time goes on. Ride Congo Falls Ride Race For Your Life Charlie Brown Ride White Water Canyon Play at least one midway game Ride Slingshot Ride Xtreme Skyflyer See Totally 80s Watch the fireworks from the Eiffel Tower Watch the fireworks and light show from International Street Have a fireworks ride on WindSeeker (Had one at the first Coasterstock and it was a blast!) See Space Beagle Ride Woodstock Whirlybirds (because why not?) Eat at the new Miami River Brewhouse Partake in the Grand Carnivale activities at least once Sample all of the fudge flavors at Sweet Spot --- partially completed! Split a big funnel cake with toppings with friends Eat Graeters Ice Cream in the park! Get a picture with each of the Peanuts costumed characters (those of you on here who are character escorts, make this happen please )
  6. I'd guess it has something to do with a rigging to lift the trains onto the track and off the track during off season?
  7. I would suggest to never buy Fast Lane online before actually seeing the crowds in person whether at the beginning of the day or during the day. You could buy online and truly not need it. The weather could keep the crowds away, however, if it's warm enough I'd say there is a chance it'll still be busy.
  8. ^^ Cedar Fair may have gotten a discount on that color....with Valravn/Yukon Striker/Copperhead Strike! How about tye-dye TBH a yellow, green or even purple track would be great IMO.
  9. Some parks do this already...however, when you have parks like Cedar Point and Kings Island with ERT rides on different ends of the park it is kind of hard to do such a thing, especially with many different routes to those rides.
  10. I am sooooo sorry! I swore we were talking about the ones at Cedar Point!! My bad...you are correct
  11. I hope they have used all of the red paint they got on sale with Dick Kinzel as the head of Cedar Fair
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