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  1. I've said it before in this thread, but the new pad by Racer I can almost best that it'll be for storage of Grand Carnivale floats...they've got to be stored somewhere.
  2. Copperhead Strike also has a fountain for operators in the station like this. I feel like they may have installed one at Fury in the past year or so as well (but don't remember for sure).
  3. I'm still longing for a dining plan only line!
  4. You've got to find management or security first. I've filmed or taken pictures multiple times there...but always respectful if stopped and asked.
  5. @KIghostguy it is not! I'll shoot you a pm on Facebook, maybe you can share it there?
  6. Lol...that bridge has had that for quite some time....because well the Polaris Mall!
  7. Why isn't there a need for an underground tunnel? Beast doesn't go under water or really over any paths but it has tunnels. There's also the why not? Maybe instead of a higher lift, they could want a bigger drop? I mean there isn't much that is 100% verified about this coaster yet aside from the plans submitted and verified..
  8. Very possible...I didn't pay attention to the speaker location when sitting down.
  9. It was a great event! I even was given a tour of the Kings Island Theater including behind the scenes of Gravity. Looking forward to seeing the show again!
  10. I skimmed through all I missed...but as for the construction going on next to Racer...has anyone considered it could be storage for Grand Carnivale materials including the parade floats?
  11. Saw the show yesterday...I would have loved for the audio to be just a little bit louder...I struggled to hear what was "said" and "sung," in the front row. Cute show, not something I'd see each visit though.
  12. My favorite seat is the front of the back of The Bat! Followed up by row 1!
  13. definitely looks like a building pad by Racer. Found it interesting seeing the bobcat moving dirt north of the Firehawk trains.
  14. I personally would love it as a great nod to the park's history with Coney.
  15. Please do! I'm interested to see what he has to say
  16. I just hope this coaster has at least one or two similar features like Cowboy Coaster has!
  17. I'm trying to figure out what a Jesus themed coaster would look like!
  18. So all of those other times you were some how wrong, but this time you are 100% right? Gotcha...seeing as they haven't announced a name...I'd guarantee you aren't 100% right. If you are going based off of what they've trademarked....Fury 325 should be named Centurion. I don't think @Cedar Fair Fanboy knows that Anno Domini is AD which then translates to "in the year of our Lord." :D
  19. I'm interested to see what new flavors of cotton candy will be available at the park this coming week/weekend. Anyone here know if there were any new flavors last weekend? If so, what?
  20. The coaster is still under construction....I keep seeing comments on Kennywood's Social Media that the ride has experienced some delays/issues...but haven't seen anything about what those delays/issues are. Anyone know?
  21. The only thing I'm disappointed with on this is that it's the first night of Holiwood Nights....as I'm going to that, I won't be able to attend this one and only ride night.
  22. I have heard rumblings that Ed Hart is retiring after this season.
  23. Already happened. However, if it has been filed, per the ORC (from how I understand it)t is public record and must be made available to anyone requesting to see it.
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