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  1. I've seen some sheet metal buildings down the hollar when near river towns...so it's not too much outta place
  2. What makes a piece of coaster track suspicious?
  3. To be completely honest, seeing it doesn't even phase me...it's one of those unless my view is specifically moved toward it, I pay it no mind.
  4. Really? Why do I feel like your posts are here just to do this:
  5. I have...I just couldn't remember the years. It does seem like it had a significant amount of downtime....so I wouldn't say it's exactly free of maintenance nightmares.
  6. We know there will be day time and night time set of shows.
  7. I seem to remember that the one at Great Adventure was down quite often prior to it reopening in 2009(?)
  8. When this project was announced, it was announce that there will be day time and night time shows. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/january/international-street-and-royal-fountain-to-get-major-offseason-renovation
  9. See your post above. You said it was going to be called the Royal Show Fountain! There is a difference between saying it looms like a show fountain and saying it’s name will be something else.
  10. You’ve made a claim, @IndyGuy4KI an admin asked for you to source it. You said to look at the map. I went and looked and could find no such evidence. Not my opinion, a fact.
  11. I vaguely remember the feel of Rivertown before Diamondback. I'm hoping with this restaurant's transformation and hopefully some more landscaping (this year or down the line) that we'll have that kind of feel again. I honestly long for a place in the park to have a relaxing walk...while being able to ride rides, like the feel of Frontier Trail at Cedar Point.
  12. I am pretty positive that any coaster could make a lot of use for Voban. Some of the tamest rides use it a ton....I will never forget seeing three protein spill clean ups at Blazing Fury at Dollywood all with one day during a visit.
  13. I don't see the resemblance of a stealer and The Real Mike Koontz
  14. Before submitting your post, you may want to spell check....you also need to not double post. K thanks!
  15. They are safer than being out in the open, especially if a tornado is headed to the park. I know at one point, Action Theater was a designated storm shelter. When I worked at the park we were told that we should encourage any/all guests to seek shelter with us (though we couldn't force them) in our designated areas.
  16. I mean it could be both things. It was marketed as guests being able to experience the rich history of the Reds, which would include the waterfront.
  17. I feel like they placed Reds in Rivertown because of the physical location of "Great American Ball Park" next to a river, "Rivertown." I saw someone out there say they didn't understand why the new restaurant was named Miami River Brewery as the Miami River is 10 miles away from the park....doubtful they'd call it "Little Miami River Brewery." Doesn't have the same kind of ring to it.
  18. I would assume that the bar area would be staying with "brew house" in the name
  19. It definitely is not boring. It's tons of fun, disorienting and overall a blast!
  20. If I see The Real Mike™ I'm going to talk about what's at the park, how everything is looking and will be appreciative toward him and his team for all their efforts they've put into the park. I'm not going to talk to him about something that isn't announced. And how do you know that's exactly how he'll reply?
  21. I can't vote because there is not an option I agree with. I could say after next weekend that I rode Copperhead Strike and I think that's what will come to KI next..but that doesn't make it true.
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