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  1. Mike is not the CEO of Kings Island...that is Richard Zimmerman...Mike is the Vice President and General Manager of KI.
  2. Could The Real Mike™ be the newest "Dippin' Dot's Guy?"
  3. ^^^ Amen @TombRaiderFTW I think the online communities are at the entitlted portion of things. Everyone "deserves" something...."KI deserves at Giga"...."Passholders deserve to be able to attend Coasterstock"...etc. (Yes I've heard these multiple times.) I wouldn't be surprised if parks/our park stops doing things for enthusiasts in the coming years with the attitudes given via social media whether it's entitlement, criticism, etc.
  4. It is not still standing. It's been proven to be shown that it is demolished.
  5. I'm not familiar with the Vekoma Madhouse.... Triotech eh....I've not heard positive things on how Wonder Mountain's Guardian have aged.
  6. I haven't said that it's a great coaster...I said Time Traveler is a great coaster....I also said that Mack may be my favorite manufacturer AFTER I ride it. All I asked is how do you know if you've never actually ridden it yourself? I also responded to your answer by saying that I've found that POVs are different than the actual ride experience.
  7. I've come to find watching a POV is completely different than actually riding and feeling the effects throughout the course.
  8. Welcome to KIC. Just so you know if you are going to make a claim that these may be possible new rides with specific information, you need to provide a source. If it's something you personally would like to see say that so we don't get confused. Again welcome to KIC!
  9. I'll definitely post a review here after I ride it!
  10. To be completely honest, I didn't like it at all. It felt like a waste. The theme was good...but felt the small area didn't do it justice. Also wasn't a big fan of the type of scares...what I observed was more of a prop/sound scare than jump scares. It almost felt like an afterthought. It also seemed to be rarely staffed, not sure how many scareactors there were but it felt like maybe 1 or 2.
  11. Who's to say prep work hasn't already started? I'll have to find the my post about the notice of commencement.
  12. I will be at Carowinds to ride Copperhead Strike.
  13. I fully agree! Time Traveler was amazing! I found it disorienting based on the spin and the speed into those inversions. Depending on how it goes next weekend, Mack may become my favorite manufacturer!
  14. Just curious, how many Mack multi-launch coasters have you been on? How do you know the intensity of CopperHead Strike without having ridden it
  15. @kingsislandfan1972 what do you believe Kings Island needs? Would be interested to see what your thoughts are.
  16. This made me laugh harder than I should have.
  17. Double post, I'm sorry.... I happened to catch Copperhead Strike testing tonight and it looks like the trains have working headlights! Sorry for vertical video, just happened to grab my phone and start recording
  18. Just throwin it out there, I wouldn't be upset if B&M gave us a great sit down coaster....something along the lines of Led Zeppelin Source
  19. This has already been changed in the past year and a half.
  20. From what I understood when I asked, they would need new webcams to move around like CP's.
  21. The harm is done when enthusiasts do the job of the park before the park can do it....what do they pay those people for then?
  22. No....why don't you ask @Dane if he is independent from the site. There's such a thing of a working-relationship...KIC scratches KI's back, KI scratches KIC's back. It is disrespect, Brad, Matthew and Robbie have responded and clarified the situation and that's not good enough for some people so they continue to argue about it. That's disrespect. ---- It's as if people believe that they are owed this information, if the park doesn't give the information, they act is if they are entitled to get it themselves. When Tony Clark tweets to tell people that obtaining pictures
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