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  1. last hill in Adventure Express---the stone men are animated again.....(my friend posted a video of their trip on AE) when I was there in May they didn't work...hmm.
  2. obviously now we have something very similar---Diamondback....but Behemoth is an awesome ride! I encourage everyone to head up to Toronto and ride it! Yes they do I rode the one at Canada's Wonderland this past year. While it is a fun ride it does take long to load it. The park also has a stand up version of Ski-Lab. I do a trip report later on with pictures. This is one of the 3 flats I rode at Canada's Wonderland....I really liked it. I'm not one for these types of flats but it was fun!
  3. Italian Job effects: Splashdown, Fog, Water (where the helicopter is) The School of Rock show The general feel of the park...there's just something different when I go in there now.
  4. hey man, glad to hear that your second trip was a lot better and I'm glad that you gave KI another chance.
  5. I do like the idea of an X-Base area....would like to see some ideas for how it'd work. I'm not sure a TTD would work for KI.
  6. Great comment! Weird about the voicemail though. But rest assured that there is no virus on the site. It's perfectly safe to leave a voicemail. EDIT: Dang Jordan you bet me! I figured..but I tried to open it and all that showed up was an ad...so Idk if my anti-virus only let that come through...hmm... but yea no problem guys!
  7. Hey guys I was planning on leaving you a voice mail but I couldn't get to the website due to my anti-virus saying 'hey don't go there'. But anyway... As for the monorail at Jungle Jims: To my knowledge there are 6 actual vehicles. You are right though, there is 1 for show with the silouttes in the windows and the rest are for transportation. I just did some research and the monorail is open, runnin only 1 vehicle for operation. I believe they are not charging anyone to ride the monorail. If anyone finds anymore information I'd be glad to hear any. -Good episode!
  8. So, Kings Island should hire 4-5 people to patrol a queue? That is what I've gotten from your posts. In order for Kings Island to completely take care of this problem (which most likely will never happen), they'll have to hire 4-5 people to walk the queues of every single ride. Agreed, if you're going to pay to get into the park, shouldn't you stay in the park for more than an hour or two? I agree KI Man. Tell the people line jumping no...stand up dude. Anytime you run to Guest Relations as soon as you get jumped in line, the thing is that the people jumping you are 1) either alr
  9. I know, I love the chaser lights on Vortex, could you see them being added to Diamondback? Apparently I missed the service lights.
  10. I didn't see any on May 2nd...so if there are they must have just been added recently.
  11. So as I was looking through some of my pictures at Canada's Wonderland I looked at a picture I had of Behemoth. On the lift hill there were lights trailing the track until the crest. Those are the only lights on the ride except for in the station and in the queue. Do you think Kings Island's Diamondback should have these lights?
  12. At one point, there used to be a 'pond' like thing after the train leaves the station and goes around the curves to get to the lift hill. I saw a picture of it, I'll be lookin for it and post it once I find it. haha kids are getting to caught up over things these days.... I agree...gotta love what parents feed their children. *Cough* 'Oh no little Billy, hurry up go wash your hands, if not you could get swine flu!' People get way too excited over that stuff
  13. That looks pretty awesome! I'd rather have a top spin like this outside than what the Crypt is now... it'd be sweet to put this over in Coney Mall where the open area is. Terpy, I absolutely love your comments. But yea I haven't rode the Crypt yet this year...I wasn't a big TRTR fan...I'm not a fan of hanging upside down for a period of time. But I'll check out the Crypt when I head back there.
  14. I've known Rachel for about two years now, we've taken many adventrues where pictures would be taken...that's the classic Rachel! Glad you had a good time, I wish I could be there this weekend.
  15. In line for the Carousel I heard "Daddy, what's the swine flu." "I'm not going to explain it now, here have some hand sanitizer."
  16. So Kings Island today was a blast!! I got to the park a little after 10, it seemed like all I could see was thousands of annoyinge teenagers with their schools for Music In The Parks day....wow...I wanted to slap a few of them not even being in the park for very long. We obviously got stopped by the people in front of the fountains to get our picture taken! Woohoo! As we completed that whole process we headed toward Vortex!! We got a little side-tracked and had a walk on to Adventure Express...it was a bit boring. It was a complete walk-on...sat in the very front and man was it smooth!
  17. Diamondback was open again later in the evening, it was a lot of fun in the evening! However, the ride ops and other ride workers were really annoying as they kept coming to me and others in the line saying that it was going to be a major delay and to go find another ride....more details in my trip report.
  18. Looks Like a lot of fun! Here's mine! I have no clue who these girls are...yay single rider line!!!
  19. Thanks Rachel! You did get me sucked in I will of course check out the Cortex...is that a new ride? hehe! Nah Vortex is one of my favorites so I'll be riding that! Anyone know how the SoB is this year? What about FoF and Firehawk?
  20. Hey, I'm headed to KI on Saturday, I think it's also Music in The Parks day....should I be worried? I'm planning on being there from 10-close....unfortunately I do not have a gold pass and I'm coming with my school. What ride should I hit up first? I'm planning on hitting DB after I ride a few rides. What are the must rides this season? Thanks for your help!
  21. Hey, I'm headed to KI on Saturday for my first time this season. When should I head to DB? Should I go in the morning or midday? I of course will ride it at night. Let me know what ya think!
  22. Dude that sucks When exactly was the picture taken? Sometimes with pictures being sent over the internet it takes a little while for them to be sent. I'm guessing with DBack there is a high volume of pictures being sent to emails and that'd take them quite some time to get to all of the addresses. I'd guess it'd be in your email by tonight at the latest, hopefully.
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