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  1. I saw that Keith is back! He's already at the park and rehearsing. I've heard Jett is coming back, but not confirmed. I hope so.
  2. I would think the production company would have to trademark that, not Cedar Fair.
  3. I think the most hilarious thing about this is people believe 100% certain that the new coaster will be called Polaris.
  4. From what I could see it looks like it'd the same helix as Shambhala at Port Aventura in Spain. Source
  5. I meant to put that I was speaking of just USA based rides.
  6. @calakapepe that video gave me a headache lol.
  7. I talked about this somewhere on the site...but the last B&M to have the stadium style seating appears to be Intimidator at Carowinds....Mako another Hyper was released with the 4-abreast seating. I doubt that they go back to the stadium style seating now. The 4-abreast is part cost management, part experience and part method. I would say we have a 96-100% chance this new coaster will have the 4-abreast seating.
  8. Yes, see my quoted post below. Yup that was me!
  9. Depends on the type of tunnel I would think and when they'd be added. If it's an in-ground tunnel...sure....but if it's a corrugated metal tunnel like on Leviathan maybe not? If they are added later, they likely wouldn't need to be on the plans right now.
  10. I get frustration and what not about the layout being "underwhelming," or whatever...but I don't think it's fair to judge a ride that 1) has not been built yet, 2) no one has ridden yet, 3) that there is no tangible evidence of what the coaster actually will look like outside of paper.
  11. They have been used as well as the outdoor queue lines. Looking at the the site via Google Earth/Maps...I saw how it could be easily done which made me think about posting it here :). I could see it also being used for the overflow. I also feel like we'll end up with what Carowinds did for Copperhead Strike....a plaza that's forever long filled with temp queues before even getting to the entrances of the ride.
  12. Has anyone considered the reason they left Firehawk's queue could be repurposed to be used for Flight of Fear's additional queue? I could see them removing the current overhang/queue lines to open the plaza area which would in turn, refresh that area a bit more.
  13. There are ways around height restrictions...I mean if you think about it....Carowinds has Fury 325 that's directly under a flight path for the Charlotte Airport.
  14. TBH I've been re-watching the Leviathan POVs (Animated and Real)....and after riding it several times in 2014, I'd be completely fine with the same or around the same height and a similar layout. It was a fun coaster to ride. Either way, we're getting another coaster, I'm grateful. For anyone wanting to see the Leviathan videos....here they are:
  15. I keep seeing people say 30 million dollars...but how do you and others know that's what they're spending on this addition?
  16. I'm just now going through this....how do you know that the person who leaked the "plans" signed a NDA? How do you know that they weren't supposed to be "leaked?" Who is to say there will be any teasers? This is the entire point of a decoding thread....see any of the previous ones on here. Unless there was something that specifically showed that they were official...you can guarantee they were not.....for someone who has a lot of free time on their hands...its' quite easy for them to Photoshop and make things.
  17. It definitely started with Tomb Raider.
  18. To be honest, no I personally don't believe so. It was a dark part of the park's history. It needs to just die.
  19. You literally said you liked to be surprised. @Magenta Lizard gave a way to avoid being spoiled of the surprise....because this 2nd response basically says: I want to see it, but I want to tell everyone else not to talk about stuff I don’t want to see.
  20. I'm personally hoping for "The Mike Koontz Experience" to be the name.
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