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  1. I totally missed seeing this opening weekend and the following weekend. Weird
  2. I've generally had good experiences wit food service at the park...I realize that not everyone does though. I find it worth having the meal plans....the less time I spend outside of the park, the less I have to pay out of pocket each day, the better.
  3. I completely agree...just trying to look at reasons they do things.
  4. They really could have...but aside from users on KIC and other enthusiasts I doubt many really notice it's gone.
  5. I don't know for sure...but I'd guess with the lack of Firehawk and that X-Base was considered a portion of Coney Mall, it was unnecessary to have.
  6. I'm conflicted with the style of set up...I like the order and sit down, not feeling as if you have to tip a server....but I dislike the "order ___" and waving them down. Yes please! I'll take an order of Crab Fries!
  7. Here's your answer https://www.visitkingsisland.com/play/shows/gravity
  8. Who said they were going to take questions? I thought the itinerary said guest speakers. not Q&A? Asking for a friend.
  9. Already talked about on the 2020 Discussion.
  10. Why are we talking about on the map when we should be talking about where on the map or in the map
  11. Oh my goodness this is silly. Lol
  12. There is some of it gone. No reason to remove it all unless that land is needed
  13. Cedar Fair is not going to tease a ride at a park that it’s not intended for. All of those references at CP last year will still be there this year...as will the references to other rides in the chain at Carowinds.
  14. The have to offer water. It’s likely the button hasn’t been enabled/installed yet. One of the restaurants I worked at, we got a new machine without the water button and it took about a week for the company to come in and install it.
  15. Magnum has fun facts in the queue not necessarily to the point of Beasts.
  16. I had a trimless ride...and the layout was ACE!
  17. I truly hope that it has a twister layout similar to Raging Bull at Six Flags Great America
  18. That is a really interesting thought....hmmm!
  19. They look similar to the nozzles at The Island in Pigeon Forge...looks like they each are accompanied by LED lights....while the nozzles at The Island are composed of 3 light units, it looks like ours have 1 light unit. I feel like they'll tilt to a point, based on the similar fountains I've checked out. The fan nozzles look almost identical to the Island's minus the light units. Source
  20. I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing the nozzles in the center "S" will move....also guessing the fan nozzles will either tilt or spin.
  21. It cracks me up how the PVC pipe essentially worked for the time being. Thankful for lights and the new nozzles!
  22. I agree....I truly would like to see more merch...more diversified merch. At one point I asked someone at the park why there wasn't merch for Racer or the other coasters...the answer was it didn't sell enough to justify it. I still think it would sell.
  23. To be honest...it's really basic....they have several shirts for different coasters....looks almost like a jersey in the design...I think it has the name, park name and the year it opened.
  24. There is a basic Vortex shirt in Emporium by the hats,
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