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  1. Because not every coaster that is installed has to be the tallest? I just have a hunch that it'll be around the Millennium Force height.
  2. If this coaster does break records...I don't see it breaking the height record...I see it being closer to Millennium Force's height. I see it breaking the length record and maybe speed.
  3. We had Flight Deck with this scheme: Source I think it was pretty bland.
  4. See I'm the opposite...I love being able to add those in....I'd rather not pay the $142 out of pocket all at once for the Platinum Dining Plan....or the $122 for the Gold.
  5. Agreed! I also feel as if passholders get the better deal, they get more perks and the like.
  6. That looks nice...but in reality when will people actually get to see these?
  7. I get what you're saying...but most of the general public isn't going to go "man, Banshee is really faded, they need to paint it." The park pretty much stated at Coasterstock last year that it's not worth the $ to repaint a ride every couple of years. There really isn't a return on investment for it...while it sometimes would make the ride/area look a little bit better, it's not something that is such a big deal. If the ride operates as it should, the paint should be the last thing the park is worrying about.
  8. I've come to learn that when I stopped comparing the efforts/quality to upscale restaurants and even resorts...my opinion changed. I will say, nothing will change when people only talk about the legitimate issues they have at the park when all they do is post about it on a website.
  9. I imagine the skyline would look like this... Source The biggest thing to remember about the lift orientation is, it's all dependent on your location....it can look one way by the Soak City parking lot or entrance and then it could look completely different by the toll booth. It could look one way in Action Zone but look completely different in Rivertown.
  10. Opening weekend @pianoman and I had a similar experience, but it was remedied a little quicker than your experience. We both ordered the London Bridge...mine was without the cole slaw and his was completely plain. I received mine and it had the slaw on it...so I asked to have it fixed...it took forever to get it fixed....Pianoman's order came out as it would without being plain...he sent it back....it came back before mine I believe and it had cheese on it....he doesn't eat cheese so it went back again..mine came out from a 2nd supervisor...mine was fine...Pianoman's finally came out plain
  11. I think he retired....I have since seen him at the park and have seen via his LinkeIn, that he started the consulting services. So maybe not retired for long
  12. It could be entirely possible that the track could cross over those buildings, whether at a much higher height or barely just above the roofs. Pictured below is a screen grab from the POV of Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland and how it interacts with buildings previously in place along the course.
  13. Cornstalkers has been gone for a while..but Field of Screams is what you're talking about.
  14. Has been talked about in the past page or two.
  15. Note that they don't launch fireworks from the maintenance buildings.
  16. Please no.....please let the SOB "return" rumors die!!!!!
  17. Thank you! I follow now
  18. I see that, but which one would you say is true to the actual clearing we're seeing...just trying to make sure I understand!
  19. What's the difference between the red and yellow perimeters?
  20. I'm glad to hear that it's a great addition to the park. The Timberliner trains have to be some of my favorite coaster trains. I really enjoyed them on Wooden Warrior at Quassy. I am also glad to hear that the park is looking great, I've only been to the park twice, once for King Louie's Winter Walk-through and for a 1.5 day trip a couple of summers ago. I'm looking forward to going back now, especially with your report! Thanks for the update!!
  21. @Stoan I liked your post just because you said spoopy.
  22. "Guests waiting for Yukon Striker, we are currently experiencing a minor delay on the loose article bins as they have went 2-9. If you wish to leave the line at this point you do forfeit your spot in line, however if you wish to stay you are able to do so."
  23. I agree with you about KD's fountain....the berm really doesn't make a pretty entrance..let me see the fountain please! I felt like KD's fountains just kinda were there...nothing great...the last time I watched them, it didn't seem that they did much. I mentioned to @pianoman this past weekend, it was nice to be able to actually hear the water splatter throughout the fountains....it didn't just seem like a rush and water falling off the side of the pedestal bowls. I have mentioned in private to a few folks about my surprise that the flag poles were still located at the front of the fou
  24. Okay, I'm not going to lie...that would be awesome...I mean sharks too!
  25. Your items will get to you before that Thursday. I would imagine they will start sending the items out at the beginning of the month.
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