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  1. Bring on the romantics! I'm assuming you aren't a huge fan of the ride. This is the first I've seen this picture of you! Super cute!
  2. I'm sure it's been talked about here, but I didn't feel like scrolling through the pages I had a conversation last night about the name of the future Giga at KI.....so what do you all think the name could be? Could it be another coaster with a number in the name? List your ideas! I don't believe these would be the name but here are a couple of examples: Invader (to fit the "X Base" theme) or Invader 315.
  3. You are most welcome @fromkingstocedar. I should have said this in my original response, but if you didn't know Mountain Gliders are originally from Kings Island/Coney Island, so you can definitely ride a former KI attraction :)
  4. Anyone here ever spend time in the arcades? If you do, what games do you hope will be back this year? What prizes do you hope they have?
  5. 1. Definitely go to a Cookout...it's cheap and good food! 2. Harmony Hall where you can get literally whatever you want...the new restaurant was okay at best for me. 3. Definitely ride Mountain Gliders...if Electro Spin is open, do it! 4. Depends on the weather honestly....I'd expect it to be busy...it won't be KI busy, but it'll be busy. 5. Yes the lines have been long. Opening weekend it had it's issues but wasn't down for long. 6. Check https://www.carowinds.com/play/scheduled-ride-closures frequently. 7. Fast Lane Plus is $77...well worth it if you can do so.
  6. Banned from KIC for breaking the 21st commandment "Thou shall be a fan of Cedar Downs."
  7. I totally understand! Feel free anytime!
  8. I'd say 2 days to ensure you get to do everything you want done (and re-rides). I would say Fast Lane Plus for day 1 (buy at the park). I would go Tuesday/Wednesday if possible. I would get there early, park in the main lock and walk down the boardwalk. You could either enter the Beach Gate (by WindSeeker) or Resort Gate (by Magnum). I'd conquer everything from the back of the park toward the front. If you want to get to Steel Vengeance first, go to the Resort Gate and get there either for ERT or park open (depending on if you have a Platinum Pass or are staying at one of the resorts). Aft
  9. Have you guys ever thought that posters could just be theming elements and not a hint at a new attraction? And that Steel Vengeance reference on MT's poster was placed after SV was announced.
  10. Do you like tourist trap attractions? I know that sounds funny, but there are tons! I definitely will get my recommendations for the area up here soon for you all.
  11. I'm surprised no one has shown up to the city of Mason to check for blueprints and the like.
  12. Any of the mountain coasters. Definitely check out "The Island." Depends on what all you are into when visiting new places...tons of things to do. I love the area and spend a good amount of time there.
  13. The park has to follow what the manufacturer sets...so you would need to petition to them if you want to ride their rides and don't meet their qualifications to ride. There are some rides with better accommodations for riders than other rides.
  14. Depends...Dollywood Cabins would go through them...but I've used Homeaway.com and VBRO for Cabins.
  15. I did for Copperhead Strike and didn't experience any trouble!
  16. I too hoped to find shot glasses, specifically a CopperHead Strike shot glass, but didn't find one anywhere. I was disappointed with Electro Spin not being open...not sure if you've ridden, but it's one of my favorite flats. I would assume with the alcohol policy that it's mostly due to liquor laws between states. I couldn't tell you if one of the states favors the alcohol or not. Just a guess.
  17. In the sense of landscaping like KD I kind of agree. I hated how the fountains there were really hidden by the trees and hated how you couldn't look at the fountains really from the entrance, since they have that flowerish hill with the sign implanted into it. I think it's too early to say it will not look good for Winterfest....we have no idea what they are planning on doing for it... Don't think anyone knows for sure how seating will be on the inside of the trees/out looks.
  18. It is a possibility...this mentality sets folks up to be disappointed and then we get the constant "what's the point?", "I'm not going to renew my pass now.", "it should be higher.", etc. comments. When in reality fans should just be grateful our park is getting invested in. Bigger is not always better. And the comment of "why would they take a step back??" is laughable. You're assuming it's going to be a step back for something that no one has even ridden yet....you're assuming that it's not going to be a good experience anyway, even IF it doesn't beat 325 feet tall. That's laughable.
  19. Just because it's on the internet/reddit doesn't mean it'll come true. What are you going to do when the lift hill is lower than Fury 325?
  20. Loving the PTR so far! The first picture I quoted, heading toward the front of the park...always seems like the longest route to anything for me...I think it's because it's asphalt and there really sin't anything note worthy on that stretch. The truss structure is used during the summer for the show on the stage in that area...it's kinda weird I agree. Looking forward to Part 3
  21. What exactly is OpenStreetMap?
  22. Other than the merchandise what ROI would that actually provide? I'm all for showing off the history of the park...but I don't see the park perusing anything like a museum any time soon.
  23. I find it really interesting that after Mike Koontz became GM/VP of KI we're getting all these awesome renovations. Truly feels as if we've got someone in leadership that really cares about the park, the history and the like.
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