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  1. I wouldn't consider this teasing....it's more of just theming. Complete side note ish....for those who are saying they don't believe a new ride would open until 2021, what makes you say this? With the writing on the NOC that states "2018, 2019, and 2020 Additions and modifications to Kings Island Park" I would firmly believe that the 2020 would be the year the addition would be in, not the time the project would start. If construction would start in 2020 what is your timeline for this project to open April 2021? With the evidence we have now of the open space in X-Base....some cou
  2. So I figured the building facades would get some touch up paint...I didn't realize they were getting new (old?) colors! I'm hoping that the other side gets touched up too....specifically the Starbucks building.
  3. That I don't know......I just hope Homer gets the princess experience he deserves!
  4. So does this merger mean that Homer Simpson is now a Disney Princess?
  5. Thinking further about it, suppose local media checks KIC (they do), they see an aerial photo and pick up on something that may not have been released by the park...don’t ya think that would create an issue/more work for the park? Knowing the Cincinnati media, I wouldn’t put it past them to blow something way out of proportion which then forces the park to make some kind of statement way before they are ready, before things may be completely confirmed, etc.
  6. With any "holiday" the closer you get to the holiday, the busier it will be. This is no exception with Halloween. Both KI and CP get busier (especially on Saturdays) closer to Halloween. Several KIC members have done Halloweekends opening weekend at CP....it's not too bad...Saturday can be busy if the weather is nice. Opening weekend for Haunt at KI can be busy, especially if weather is good. I personally try not to visit either park for their Halloween event on Saturdays. A good time to visit is Friday nights, especially if the local football teams play at home. Although found this pa
  7. It's when you open a topic and a thread has new content, it's to the left hand side of the thread....depends on your involvement in the thread on the shape...but you click it and it takes you to your first unread post in that thread. I have done this as well....clicked thinking I was opening up a thread to the first unread post but then it marks the thread as read.
  8. I believe there are 2 or 3 hotels under construction within close proximity to the park. So we are definitely seeing an increase in the need for hotels.
  9. Obviously to extend the road to transfer KI guests by shuttle to the 2nd station of the world's longest giga coaster (behind the campground)! TBH I could see it as a future route to get on and off 71, to keep the majority of the traffic off of 741 or to connect Mason Rd. or Lebanon Countryside Trail to 71 via exit/entrance ramps. Edit: Looking closer at the plans, @pianoman would be very happy if these plans come to fruition:
  10. Who says? Why would we have heard a lot more by now? They may be keeping things under wrap until people actually step foot into the park.
  11. So something like this would be great...obviously a little less "campy" but more story driven?
  12. It almost feels like a new "street" in that area....kind of like when you walk into Carowinds and turn to the right to go toward Fury 325.
  13. The thing is, enthusiasts want to talk about who's turn it is, who deserves it, etc....but Cedar Fair will decided to do what they want to do when they want to do it. If they want a coaster for KI in 2020, it'll happen. If they want a coaster for KI in 2021 instead, that'll happen. It's not about turns, it's about business.
  14. Looks like Coney Island has a separate sub-topic now.
  15. Sometimes being petty is acceptable, as is this case @TombRaiderFTW.
  16. Is there anyone local to Carowinds here? Has there been any indication that WindSeeker has been testing or has it been grounded?
  17. With my recent rides on Racer 75, I'd have to pick that ride!
  18. Found this site plan http://www.co.warren.oh.us/planning/Approved/KingsMillsOutdoor.pdf
  19. I think many are over analyzing what the casual KI attendees see/think. I doubt the thought really crosses their mind, if it does it's more of a "oh, man I miss Tomb Raider/The Crypt."
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