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  1. I could do the Jungle racer all day, I love that thing. Also on Bakuli the more and or bigger people you ride with the faster you will go. I have a couple amazing rides on that slide, and some real slow ones too.
  2. Being a member of a credit union I gets lots of great discounts at various places.
  3. According to the press release it does not have OSTRs. "Four passenger open design trains with overhead lap bars but no over-the-shoulder harnesses" http://www.intimidator305.com/public/ride/statistics.cfm
  4. None of the crews at Kings Island have really stood out to me. Back in May when I went to Cedar Point the Maverick crew was full of it, especially when going over the loose article policy, and talking about how a girl tried to take a watermelon onto the ride.
  5. I think its a great idea myself, the slide looks like it will really help spread some people out in Splashin Safari. I also think they really need the two lazy river that they do have. Anytime its warm, the place is packed, I could not imagine what it would look like if there was only one lazy river still! I am sure pilgrims plunge will get all its kinks worked out, it is an intamin, hopefully it does not take several years like top thrill. I am excited to hit up the new ride next year, I am also looking forward to some nice cool fall Voyage rides.
  6. The legend has been running really good all year. The laterals seem like they have been extra strong! Did you get any fudge? I always have to get a couple of blocks.
  7. Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign
  8. I have been lucky, every time I have gone to Cedar Point, it was like Kings Island on Tuesday evening of this week empty. But I go the week after memorial day most of the time. I also like Diamondback better than millennium.
  9. I love the skyline shots you got of Louisville. We have a lot of great concerts, and events out at the park right on the river by the bridges, it always makes for some good pictures on a nice day. It looks crowded at Holiday World, I have never been there when the lower queue house was open for the Voyage, but I usually never go in July. I live 15 minutes away from SFKK, but I haven't been in years, the place just does not do anything for me. It looked really good in your pictures. It almost makes me want to check it out again. Does anybody remember when the water park used to have the big kahuna waves?
  10. Holiday world has some bicycle parking too. I don't live to far from sfkk but have never road my bike. But I have been thinking about taking an epic ride to Holiday world from Louisville (94 miles), ride all day one day, camp at Lake Rudolph that night, spend the next day at the world, camp then ride home the next day.
  11. I have also been attacked by a red winged black bird several times. They get pretty aggressive when they have babies in the nest. One got me real good getting on power tower this year.
  12. Donors who participate in an American Red Cross blood drive at Churchill Downs (Louisville KY)Tuesday through Thursday will receive free chicken meals from Stoker's Broaster Chicken and tickets for admission to King's Island Amusement Park in Cincinnati. http://www.courier-journal.com/article/200...ve+at+Churchill
  13. If you happen to be in Louisville this is a pretty good exhibit at the Frazier museum. http://www.fromyourmemory.com/
  14. There are two Culvers in Louisville. Also another one in Indiana, on the way to holiday world. I love some Culvers, its my favorite fast food burger and fries.
  15. For the hot/ruff concrete at water parks I always where a pair of Fivefinger shoes, I have the sprint model, shown below. I try to wear them a couple of hour a week, and just walk in them go to the store and do everyday stuff, it really helps make you ankles stronger, and all the little muscles in your feet. They are just like being barefoot, just protected. They are great for the lake too. http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/
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