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  1. Any idea how the last weekends are from past years? Crowds, weather? I plan on going maybe .
  2. Thanks for the tips! I well do FOF first thing in the morning.
  3. Do all rides open with the park? Or some later? I want to do FOF first since I heard it has long waits.
  4. Hey guys! Im planning a trip for Sunday and Monday over Labor day weekend. How are crowds usually that time? I'm assuming it's better than Saturday? Would I need Fast Lane those days? Thanks!
  5. Hey guys just a question. Does Fast Lane let you choose the front seat on all the coasters?? Or is it assigned seating?
  6. For all you KI fans out there who really know the park, is this a good time to go? I plan on going May 28 and 29 -( Thurs and Fri.) Memorial Day weekend is over and I am sure schools are not out yet, or are they? HELP! Any info appreciated. Anthony
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