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  1. Coworker has a friend that works in maintenance and has ridden it. Says its fast as ****. Thats the only scoop I have ... lol
  2. darn he must have gotten nervous. I was going to PM him if any more "fell off the truck"
  3. Steel Force is only 200ft with a drop of 205 ft
  4. I agree. It would have to be from the ground up. Those supports couldn’t support a modern track. But let’s be honest it’s a classic design and current Vortex is rough. I’d like a modern take on that ride. As for RMC racer and beast will never get changed. So with said I think Adventure Express could be a coaster that’s revamped and expanded. I know it’s a beginner fav and classic mine train but think of he fun and it would’ve be a ground up coaster. just my 2 cents on a decoding thread. Super excited for the giga. Those upset need to get a life. Polaris will rock
  5. Food for thought. What about a BM retrack of Vortex. Same layout just smoother. What about a RMC conversion of Adventure Express?
  6. Here are some other angles of the ravine I took while at coaster stock
  7. PM me please as well.
  8. ooops ... I meant wait for the const. photos.
  9. thought this was a cool fun fact *********** Variety reports today that Paramount Pictures is in talks with most of the cast of THE ITALIAN JOB for a sequel. According to the trade discussions have started with Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Seth Green, Mos Def and Jason Statham, and the studio's first choice to direct is F. Gary Gray, the guy that helmed the 2003 remake. The sequel's script also beings back the writing team of Wayne and Donna Powers, and rumor has it the second JOB will take the team to Paris, the French Alps and the beaches of St. Tropez. Paramount would like to wrap up talks and start shooting the movie by March of next year, for subsequent release in November 2005. It could happen. *********** Perfect timing! And who really cares how fast FOF goes... it says 54 ...it is. Does it really matter? We dont need "johnny CSI" conducting experiments on the ride. IJST isnt going for records. It should be a fun themed ride, sit back enjoy and what for const photos.
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