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  1. Before you enlighten them, ask them what they specifically think is dangerous. The trains derailing? The trains colliding? The structure failing and falling? The restraints failing and a rider falling out? Perceived Extreme G forces causing injury? Hitting a bird in the face (sorry Fabio)? A personal reason (bad experience perhaps)? Their answer may help direct your response.
  2. Yesterday (Sunday), we saw several test runs in the afternoon. Some trains with water dummies, some without. Some isolated trains, some multiple train operation. At least one that paused on the curve just before the drop for several minutes. No real insights or reopening prediction, but nice to see trains testing. In other news, Blue Streak was closed all day due to flooding. The CP employee at the entrance said that the water was rising. So without BS and Valravn, that area of the the park was quite desolate.
  3. Great report Shaggy! Coincidentally we took a California trip also...we hit Disneyland on June 9 and SFMM on June 11. My first trips to both. I agree with everything you said about Galaxy's Edge. However, our disappointment over Rise of the Resistance being not yet open was negated by another surprise (to us) Star Wars ride... Hyper Space Mountain. This was so awesome! The music track, the tie fighters, the sound effects... To us this was even cooler than Smuggler's Run. Up to this point, Magic Kingdom was my overall favorite theme park. Disneyland gave us the perfect day, and I actually now prefer it to Orlando. Indiana Jones, Hyperspace Mountain, Matterhorn, Galaxy's Edge, and so much more. I will add that the Disneyland crowd control was very well done for us. Galaxy's Edge felt quite comfortable crowd-wise, due to the limited number of reservations.
  4. Thanks for clearing that up Shaggy. And for the "Afterburn" clarification. :^) (To me, AfterburnER was a "ride" that existed in the late ‘80’s, in a Rivertown arcade, where Diamondback was built)
  5. Shaggy, sorry to derail this thread, but I have a question about the Screamin Demon. Seems there is some confusion about whether or not it was at Fun Spot in Angola. For it's worth, I have an old Cincy Enquirer clipping from 1987 that claims it was headed for Fun Spot. Your blog (and RCDB) indicate it went straight to Camden, Furthermore, RCDB states that Afterburn at Fun Spot came from Florida. Did the Enquirer simply get the facts wrong, or did the Demon's plan change after that was written?
  6. In my opinion, if GCI were to build The Beast, (a 7,000' long coaster in KI Rivertown) it would be an amazing coaster. Perhaps even better than the actual coaster that KI built. But it would not be The Beast. It would not likely have the build up, and the long gradual 18 degree drop off of the second lift, and the slam and deafening roar in the helix. Speaking of the 18 degree second drop and helix, is there another coaster in the world with a feature like that? It still amazes me how "tame" it looks from offride, but how it hits the ball out the park every single time.
  7. Wow, your answer is thorough and helpful. Thanks jcgoble3. ;^)
  8. Does the Beach Waterpark have a "passenger drop off" area, or a convenient place to drop off and pick up teens without paying the parking fee? Thanks!
  9. I rode Sheikra last year for the first time, and I understand. If I ride it as a thrill coaster, I'm not as impressed as most of the forces are on the gentle side and the actual coasting time seems brief. If I ride it as some kind of Frankencoaster / Demon Drop contraption with bonus track, I find it way more exciting. The holding brake and mid course brake (just before the second drop) were a hoot, and there was a kind of camaraderie amongst the riders as we hung and screamed together. It also helped that my 10 year old son was nuts for Sheikra. My opinion of a coaster soars if my riding buddies are loving it.
  10. I remember reading an interview with Will about how he went to KI many times as a boy, and fell in love with Beast and Racer. I love the idea that his love for coasters was kindled at KI, and Raven is his attempt to bring some Beast magic to his little park in Santa Claus. To say that he succeeded is a huge understatement. I think he even said something to the effect that he was proud of his Raven, even though it was not even close to the size of Beast. Classy and humble words. I always think of Will Koch when I am lucky enough to ride Raven, and it brings a smile to my face.
  11. My short answer to the original question is, " I doubt it". In the last decade or so, what wooden coasters have switched their trains? I'm missing some, but here are the ones I can think of: Hersheypark Wildcat (PTC to Millennium Flyers) Gwazi (PTC to Millennium Flyers) Son of Beast (Premier to Gerstlauer) Voyage (Attempted PTC to Timberliner, back to PTC) Hades (PTC to Timberliner) Ghostrider (PTC to Millennium Flyers) We've also seen at least 5 wooden coasters convert to steel by Rocky Mountain. The lack of coasters "upgrading their trains", and the mixed results of the ones that have, tell me that there are likely some big reasons why most parks are sticking with their old PTCs. Maybe the new trains are too expensive, or don't ease the track maintenance burden enough to justify themselves? Maybe capacity is reduced too much? For our Beast, I'm thinking that reduced capacity would be a dealbreaker. The current 3 bench PTCs hold 36 riders, I wonder how many an equal length Millennium Flyer train would hold? 28? 30? That all said, the Ghostrider switch (that is happening now) might carry a lot of weight as to whether Cedar Fair (or other chains) consider trading in their old PTCs. Finally, for what it's worth, I rode The Beast over a dozen times this past season (mostly in non-wheel seats). No ride was uncomfortably rough, and most were the SMOOTHEST Beast rides I've ever had.
  12. I am proud of the presence Cincy has in the amusement design/manufacturing industry. Clermont Steel Fabricators, Gravity Group, and another I recently learned about called Magna Machine. If you hunt through their website you will find some familiar things, including steel plates that look suspiciously like the ones at the ends of B&M track. http://www.magna-machine.com
  13. My family and I endured the crowds for an evening at KI last night. Despite the longest lines and biggest KI crowds I've seen years, we enjoyed a rare front seat ride on Racer. I forgot how much fun Racer is in the front. Another surprise was the "Off the Charts" show. It was a random thing for us as I've not been in the International Showplace in decades. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much (late day, late season, not my musical taste) But it was a great show. Huge cast of band members and singers, and every single one of them was high energy, all smiles, and performing at a high level. Nice mix of a few oldies with the current pop songs. Great job! Despite the crazy long dollar days food lines, the Sweet Spot was a "walk-on". ;^)
  14. Thanks for the fast, helpful reply JCGOBLE3.
  15. My last visit was before 2000. Considering going tomorrow (Labor Day 2015) Two questions: 1. Is the ride formerly called Hidden Rapids open? I didn't see it on their website, but all the names have changed and I may have missed it. 2. I've read lots of comments about the park being understaffed and ride closures. Should I expect all of the big rides to be open at some point during the day, or are some closed all day? Thanks!
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