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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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  1. Disclaimer: I’ve never believed that this incident was true in any form. I posted the article to make the point how easy it is for these stories to spread, even in the mainstream news. Just making that clear as this thread develops.
  2. One would think that Kings Island PR would have demanded an immediate correction. Maybe someone with access to USA Today back issues (microfilm at a library perhaps) could look at issues from the following days and see. I’ve seen so many errors in coaster articles and TV news over the years that have always made me cautious about believing everything I see.
  3. Re-reading this article, there are all kinds of errors and exaggerations: -Beast being a “white” coaster -Ninja being the latest coaster “twist”(8 years after the first suspended coaster) -Racer being the USA’s only dual tracked coaster (Colossus is even mentioned later in the article, not to mention Rebel Yell, Gemini, etc) -100 million riders on Arrow coasters in 1987? That sounds off by a few... On the other hand, the Louisville Sporting goods guy they interviewed sounds legit. We should track him down and get the real story :^)
  4. I did when I was a kid. My dad would save them for me too. In the pre-internet days we had to be creative and observant. :^) It’s not a big collection, maybe 20 or so articles and brochures I stuffed in a tote between other newspapers about the Reds and Bengals championships.
  5. On a hunch I dug though some old papers and found it. USA Today, 1988 The pictures are out of order but the entire article is there. The section in question is highlighted.
  6. I have a memory of reading a newspaper article (in the late ‘80s) on coasters or coaster safety that made a passing mention to this Beast decapitation story. It might have been worded something like “a man died on The Beast when he stood up and hit a tunnel “. My memory of the exact words is admittedly fuzzy, but I do remember that I was surprised and suspicious. I’d never heard of this incident before, and could not confirm it (with the sources available to a teen in the late ‘80). Given how closely Kings Island has always been covered by local media, I can’t imagine any incident
  7. It was back near where the new antique cars are now, just across from where The Vortex queue once stood. It did have a somewhat bubble shape like the inflatable theater you are thinking. I remember it was much smaller and more like a yurt or steel framed tent.
  8. I loved watching these. I believe the park called it the “Cinema 180”. A new one every year. I remember each one stating with a coaster POV, then a random collection of other POVs like a race car, airplane, and even a runaway baby carriage through a hilly downtown. The floor was uncomfortable, and we got quite dizzy, but it was always a nice break. I looked a while back on YouTube and was not successful.
  9. I remember watching the coverage of the announcement that day and following the coaster forums that were around then. Overall, most fans were absolutely thrilled at the size, scope, and theme. It seemed like a perfect “Kings Island” addition, and one that would dominate the park for the next few decades. I do remember a few comments and concerns about the manufacturer, and about the long term maintenance of a wooden coaster that large. I saw their point, but figured that KI’s maintenance would work out any bugs eventually. As for myself, I was pretty pumped, but a little
  10. 4. Why were no tent camping sites added into the campground? Answer: The campground was not designed to offer tent or primitive style camping, but guests without an RV may stay in a cottage. This is an interesting non-specific answer. My guess is that there are 2 reasons: 1. Tent camping requires a decent amount of space + restrooms and showers, and the return on investment to maintain those is not that great considering the lower price point of tent stays. 2. Tent camping can bring in more noise and drama that don't mix well with the resort environment they a
  11. My humble vote goes to The Beast. I am a big fan of The Racer. Without it, The Beast would not likely exist, and I would love to see The Racer restored to its red, white, blue, smooth, racing, and backwards glory. The Racer absolutely helped the public fall in love with wooden coasters again. It was "just" a bigger version of what riders were familiar with (Shooting Star). But The Beast defined how a coaster could be huge, "epic", and have a personality. A story. An immersive experience before, during, and after. Much of this is due to the hidden setting that had to be
  12. Coaster lines are long. Currently in a (supposedly) 50 min line for Mystic Timbers. According to the app, Orion is 90 min, Beast 60. My plan of many night rides is foiled. Thankful to be at KI with my family though. White Water Canyon was a sweet walk-on, with great views of Mystic.
  13. I am curious about B&M giga coaster chain lifts. My limited coaster understanding In the 90s was that coaster chain lifts above 200’ were heavy and reaching the practical limit. This appeared to be confirmed in 2000 when Steel Dragon utilized dual chains, and Millennium Force introduced a cable lift. Flash forward to 2012, and Leviathan breaks 300’ with what appears to be a traditional chain lift. Not only that, it’s quite fast, and there’s no return trough hanging below... it’s enclosed in the beefy track. This has obviously been successful with Fury and now Orion.
  14. I ride KC a lot from 1985-1991 as a teen. My experiences were almost always smooth. It had a bit of an edge to it because the tall restraints felt a bit shaky, but I never had discomfort or even head banging. I also learned how to adjust the restraints quickly while boarding: equal clearance above the shoulders and below the crotch. This provided airtime up top, and protection down below. Carefully looking at the layout photos of KC, you may notice that it has a certain elegance, and smoother transitions between elements, that Vortex for example did not. This elegance helped provide
  15. I also rode X2, on my first ever visit to SFMM this past summer. My thoughts... 1. It looks awesome and intimidating 2. In theory it’s fantastic ride... the rotation was a gimmick, but a really cool gimmick. 3. My first ride was rough but unique and enjoyable. My second was downright brutal. I was being shaken like crazy, and begging for it to be over. Both rides were in the same seat (front, right, outboard) but perhaps different trains. I consider my coaster pain tolerance to be above average (happily endured 3 Vortex rides in half an hour last October). But this secon
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